Make the most of your GoPro.
Make the most of your GoPro. (Photo: Courtesy of GoPro)

What Are the Best GoPro Accessories?

Pimp your GoPro with these five add-ons.

Make the most of your GoPro.

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With true 4K resolution and super slo-mo capabilities, the new GoPro Hero 4 is a very powerful little camera. Sure, you can strap it to your helmet and forget about it, but you’ll get a lot of POV footage only parents will watch. To do this action cam justice, you need to get creative and vary your shots and lighting. These five accessories will help:

Knog Qudos Action Cam Light

light gopro accessories
(Courtesy of Knog)

Traditionally, GoPro’s Achilles heel has been low-light shooting. So Australian company Knog, which has made some of our favorite bike lights, released a high-powered 400-lumen video light that uses three LEDs to brighten your shots. The Qudos ($120) weighs just 150 grams (the equivalent of about three chicken eggs) and is waterproof down to 131 feet.

GoPro 3-Way

(Courtesy of GoPro)

The pole mount is evolving and this is the top iteration at the moment. The GoPro 3-Way ($70) is camera grip, extension arm, and tripod all in one. The arm extends to 20 inches to capture selfies without the mount ruining the shot and collapses down to 7.5 inches when you’re on the go.

Brunton All Day

(Courtesy of Brunton)

The All Day ($50) almost quadruples the power output of your GoPro Hero 3+. Because you’ll have to replace the back of the original casing, doubling the size of the camera and reducing its waterproofing abilities, this isn’t the best accessory for boaters. But if you plan to spend long days in the mountains and don’t want to replace batteries with cold hands, the All Day is for you.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

pets gopro fetch camera accessories
(Courtesy of GoPro)

For a unique perspective, bring your dog into the shot. The GoPro Fetch ($60) accommodates dogs as small as a Jack Russell to as big as a Golden Retriever. Strap it on to your pup’s back or chest, attach the camera, and hit record: you’ll get some memorable shots. Just remember to keep the harness tight, otherwise the video will look like your dog went through an earthquake.

Polar Pro GoPro Microphone Kit-Promic

(Courtesy of Polar Pro)

If you need to capture crisp audio, check out Polar Pro’s GoPro Microphone Kit-Promic ($50). It’ll add a big boost to audio quality while maintaining the GoPro’s low profile. We found it excelled when capturing interviews and concerts.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of GoPro

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