Yeti Coolers Casket

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After testing Yeti Coolers’ Tundra 110, I can’t think of a more respectful way to have my physical remains ushered into the ground than inside a Yeti Casket.

This roto-molded, double-walled, nearly indestructible coffin comes with a tasteful satin camo liner. And while the polyethylene casket is pricey, when I break the $4,114 down over the eternity I will rest inside it, the price feels, well, insignificant.

My decay would be seriously delayed thanks to the thermoregulating qualities of two inches of Permafrost insulation—twice the industry standard for coolers, according to Yeti. (Admittedly, I’m not sure about insulation standards in the coffin industry.)

Thankfully, it’s grizzly-proof—and likely worm-proof. And, after seeing how well the Tundra 110 kept beers cold, I can well imagine how peaceful I’ll be inside a Yeti when I’m just another cold one.


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