Yurbuds (Lucas Zarebinski)

Yurbuds Ironman Performance Raising Earphones


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THE SELL: Comfortable earbuds guaranteed not to fall out during workouts. THE TEST: Until now, the best earbuds we’d found for long runs had irritating behind-the-ear clips. But we were impressed by the Ironmans for both their sound and their stickiness. Even those with small ear canals found the soft silicone pliable enough to grip and hold, even in rain, and the audio is as good as anything we’ve tested at less than $100. Comes with Yurbuds’ signature customizable rubber earphone covers. THE VERDICT: Affordable sound for athletes—we’ll take it. But with Ironman in the name, shouldn’t they work for swimmers?
Features: 3
Durability: 3.5

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