(photo: Inga Hendrickson)

The Best Surfing Accessories of 2017


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Effortlessly cool accessories for a day on the water.

Raen Wiley Rectangular Sunglasses
Raen Wiley Rectangular Sunglasses (Courtesy Raen)

Raen Wiley Sunglasses ($135)

A classic wide silhouette with 100 percent UV protection means you won’t be blinded during a late-afternoon surf check.

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Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax
Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax (Courtesy Mr. Zog’s)

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax ($2)

Funny name. But good, sticky results.

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FCS Premium Leash
FCS Premium Leash (Courtesy FCS)

FCS Premium Leash ($27)

Surfing at a warm beach sans leash is one of summer’s great pleasures. But if you must tether your stick to your leg, FCS’s seven-millimeter Premium is great for everyday use. It features a swiveling joint near the ankle strap for freedom of movement and a small wax comb near the base.

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Mayde Jervis Towel
Mayde Jervis Towel (Courtesy Mayde)

Mayde Jervis Towel ($52)

Frilly ends aside, we love the Jervis for its preeminent softness. Constructed in Turkey from a cotton-bamboo blend, this towel even has a little Velcro pocket for stashing keys and beer money while you’re on the water.

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Freestyle Shark Classic Tide Watch
Freestyle Shark Classic Tide Watch (Courtesy Freestyle)

Freestyle Shark Classic Tide Watch ($100)

The Shark glows in the dark, includes tide information from 150 beaches around the world, and is waterproof to 100 ­meters. More important, it’ll let you answer the most common question in the lineup: “What time is it?”

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Locals Reggae Flip-Flops
Locals Reggae Flip-Flops (Courtesy Locals)

Locals Reggae Flip-Flops ($18)

There are burlier, cushier, and more expensive flip-flops, but these get the job done when you’re heading to the shore and want footwear you can toss under a bush without fretting that someone may pinch them.

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Brixton Barge Stripe Boardshorts
Brixton Barge Stripe Boardshorts (Courtesy Brixton)

Brixton Barge Stripe Boardshorts $59

Rule one: look good. Check. Rule two: feel good. Check, courtesy of a hint of stretch and a lie-flat, no-irritation fly.

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Dakine Cyclone II Dry Pack
Dakine Cyclone II Dry Pack (Courtesy Dakine)

Dakine Cyclone II Dry Pack ($150)

The Cyclone is a bombproof, rolltop Cordura drybag with well-placed bells and whistles, including external waterproof pockets, internal laptop sleeve, and an integrated board-carrying strap.

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Jungmaven 100 Percent Hemp T-Shirt
Jungmaven 100 Percent Hemp T-Shirt (Courtesy Jungmaven)

Jungmaven 100 Percent Hemp T-Shirt ($92)

Like your favorite tee, only better and already broken in. American-made from hemp, Jungmaven’s is antimicrobial and will last forever.

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Tecate Original Mexican Lager
Tecate Original Mexican Lager (Courtesy Tecate)

Tecate ($8 for 6)

You can keep your microbrews. There’s nothing we’d rather have right after a session than a Mexican lager (or three).

From 2017 Summer Buyer’s Guide Lead photo: Inga Hendrickson

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