Black Knight Aquatics Stingray Goggles
(courtesy, Black Knight)

Black Knight Aquatics Stingray Goggles

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Black Knight Aquatics Stingray Goggles

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Donning my Batmanesque Black Knight Aquatics Stingray goggles, I took the plunge in one of Santa Fe's steamier public pools. After a good 30-minute swim in lukewarm water, the Stingrays were still clear. Crystal. That “specially formulated polymer” goes a long way.

Black Knight Aquatics Stingray Goggles

Black Knight Aquatics Stingray Goggles

Even nicer, they were amazingly comfortable. The goggles' soft, rubber cups are ergonomically designed, like the eyepieces of a telescope's viewfinder, with a kind of shape-absorbing outer lip that both seals and cushions. You won't forget you are wearing them, but they come as close to comfy as anything else you might have sucking on your sockets.
The Stingrays do not have an adjustable nosepiece, just a flexible rubber bridge that connects to the casings around the lenses—so you might need to have an average-size schnoz. Also, the UV-blocking, gray-tint lenses are almost completely distortion-free. The peripheral range is great—good for checking out who you're smoking in the other lanes. There wasn't much underwater scenery at the pool. Masters swim. A babe scene it was not.
Truth be told, the Black Knights failed the third test, which was to remain fog-free on my face while I write this review. The lenses are fast obscuring with a thick coat of eyeball sweat. (Wait, it just disappeared when I pulled them off my eye for a second.)
The short of it? Great gogs. $15;

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: courtesy, Black Knight