Dagger RX 6.7 and 6.9 – Kayaks: Reviews

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Designing a one-boat quiver is always a compromise, but the Rx (a.k.a the Prescription) is no horse by committee. It can both play and run downriver, because it combines a flat freestyle hull—for spinning on a wave—with a progressive rocker and relaxed chines behind the hips, where eddy lines tend to grab. The ends are slicy for cartwheels, but they produce enough lift to keep you on top in steep water. Foot bumps make the Rx comfortable for the big and tall, with weight ranges from 120 pounds for the 6.7 to 225 pounds for the 6.9. If you can’t keep a garageful of boats, this is the one to own. 6’7″ and 6’9″;

Bonus: It’s ideal for that two-week trip to Costa Rica.

Bummer: As the everyboat, it’s neither as fun as a playboat nor as fast as a creekboat.

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