Delta Catfish
Delta Catfish

Delta Catfish Kayak

Delta Catfish
Berne Broudy

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THE SELL: Catamaran-kayak chameleon. THE TEST: This lightweight ABS-plastic catamaran sit-on-top is a fishing boat, a dive boat, and an aquatic station wagon in one. We expected it to be tippy because it has such a narrow profile—a skimpy 27 inches in the beam—but it cruised straight ahead with enough stability to handle wiggly children and dogs. The rear well is grooved to keep scuba tanks from rolling, and two dry hatches and a whole lotta deck rigging hold enough gear for an overnight. The rear hatch is long and narrow enough to store your paddle or rods inside, while the front hatch is easy to reach. Between your legs: a footlong acrylic window. An optional rudder sells for $200. THE VERDICT: It paddles more like a canoe than a kayak but stayed calm in choppy water. Holds 550 pounds but is most efficient with 200 pounds or less. 12’6″, 49 lbs;
Stability: 5
Maneuverability: 4

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