Feelgoodz Kinderz

The most wholesome flip-flops in the world?


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For starters, they’re made out of all-natural materials by a company called Feelgoodz which, regardless of how you feel about “z”s standing in for “s”s at the end of words, should at least make you smile.

And it’s not just a catchy name: the company is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and goes out of its way to support the farmers and workers in Guatemela, Thailand, and Vietnam who grow the natural rubber and make the sandals.

These particular models—the Kinderz—were designed in collaboration with musician Jack Johnson, who recently released his new album, From Here to Now to You. And even if he’s not on any of your Spotify playlists, how can you not like a guy who collaborates with Curious George and has written universally appealing kids’ songs about the merits of the three Rs? (For those of you who don’t have kids, that’d be reduce, reuse, recycle.) 

And here’s the kicker: One hundred percent—not one percent or 10 percent—of the proceeds from the Kinderz (and Slimz, a women’s model), benefit the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, a non-profit founded by Johnson and his wife that supports environmental education in his home state. Just putting them on might make you a better person.

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