Get Dressed for the Beach With Pabst Blue Ribbon and O’Neill

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In an effort to assert their authenticity and iconic status, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and O’Neill are teaming up on a full line of clothing and accessories made by O’Neill and plastered with PBR logos. Board shorts, tees, coolers, towels, trucker caps with built in bottle openers and flip flops are just a few of the PBR/O’Neill items you’ll be able to purchase at retailers nationwide come this spring.

“This season, we stayed true to our roots and designed with the American heritage in mind. The collaboration with PBR is a great way to celebrate the legacy of two American brand,” said Shawn Peterson, vice president of O’Neill Men’s Design.

“With a combined 229 years of true American heritage, there are few other brands that reflect the authenticity, pioneering spirit, and reliability of PBR and O’Neill,” said Dan McHugh, chief marketing officer of PBR.

We’ve never heard “reliable” used to describe beer before, so we’ll continue to ponder that.

And, so far, neither logoed skinny jeans nor blue ribbon-decorated wife beaters, those favorites of fraternity brothers young and old, are on the list of retro products we’ll be seeing from the two brands. So, some college students may need to supplement their new PBR wardrobe with items already in the closet.

Available spring 2013;;

—Berne Broudy

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