Necky Crux - Kayaks: Reviews

Necky Crux – Kayaks: Reviews

Necky Crux - Kayaks: Reviews

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ALL-ROUNDERDid Necky’s designers once work for Hasbro? Like a vintage Weeble toy, the Crux will wobble, but it won’t fall down. With minimal rocker in the stern, this one is nimble enough for tight creeks and fast enough for pushy rivers. Its round bottom softens landings. Taking a deep plunge? The volume distribution at the nose and tail, combined with a peaked, water-shedding deck, will get you back to the surface like a sub blowing its ballast tanks.

Bonus: The bulkhead at your feet is loaded with springs, which damp encounters with rocks.

Bummer: The rounded edges may have you waiting out hole rides a little longer.

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