Necky Looksha V – Kayaks: Reviews

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This classic touring boat got an overhaul for 2006, with improved seat, hatches, and primary stability. Cross-Lock quick-release closures on the hatches are user-friendly, and increased cargo space easily stows gear for multiday trips. While it takes paddle power to get the weighty Looksha going, it tracks true once in motion, and the rudder brings the boat around easily. The cushy Extrasport seat is a luxury on long days, and both seat and thigh braces are adjustable. Necky suggests this boat for medium to large paddlers, but we found that it fit small to medium paddlers best. 65 lbs;

Bonus: Hatch covers are one-hand operable.

Bummer: When the waves are lapping or the wind’s at your back, water tends to wash over the stern.

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