NRS Revolution 130 - Rafts: Reviews
(Inga Hendrickson)

NRS Revolution 130 – Rafts: Reviews

NRS Revolution 130 - Rafts: Reviews

Light and Tough

The 13-foot Revolution is part of NRS's new series of urethane boats. With ample rocker and sporty tubes, the Revolution doubles as a high-performance whitewater paddle raft and, as an oar rig, a stable deck for fishing and lounging. We put the 13-footer pictured here to the test both ways on our annual float and fish down Colorado's Class III Gunnison Gorge. At just 90 pounds, two fit on a single packhorse for the one-mile hike into the gorge. Sounds cool, but still too damn big? NRS also uses urethane in a new line of (much smaller) inflatable kayaks. 13', 90 lbs;
Stability: 5
Maneuverability 4.5




Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson