Pyranha I:3  -  Whitewater Kayaks: Reveiws

Pyranha I:3 – Whitewater Kayaks: Reviews

Pyranha I:3  -  Whitewater Kayaks: Reveiws

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Why It’s CoolSharp edges and the swallowtail make a hero out of the i:3, the best carver in this collection. » For towing a swimmer, I found the sturdy rescue clips to be a reliable biner-snap away, putting this kayak on the A-list for instructors. » Good hull speed and high bow rocker combine for responsive hole-riding; those of you who don’t like foot pegs will enjoy the bulkhead and included sack o’ foam pads that allow you to fine-tune your outfitting. » It’s available in three sizes.

Hmmm . . .Be prepared for the occasional stern slam—at seven foot three, this boat bottoms out in skinny water.

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