Redington's fly fishing starter kit.
Redington's fly fishing starter kit.

Redington Topo Outfit

Everything a novice fly fisherman needs.

Redington's fly fishing starter kit.
Berne Broudy

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Getting into a new sport can be expensive and intimidating. Fly fishing is no exception, so Redington put together a starter kit that’s affordable, functional, and includes everything a new fisherman needs to hook browns, rainbows, or steelies.

The lightweight easy-casting graphite Topo Rod has a carbon fiber reel seat making it strong and durable. Alignment dots keep you from fumbling when you assemble your rod.

The Topo Crosswater reel has a large arbor—the center part of a fly reel—to help you reel in the big ones quickly and easily. The easy-to-swap spool is very versatile and doesn’t require any fancy knots. When you do start to feel more comfortable, you can use the included nippers and extra spool tippet to fine-tune your rig.

This is a setup that will get you into the sport, and that you’ll supplement but never outgrow. Fishing license not included. 


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