Rusty Moby Fish - Surfboards: Reviews
(Mark Wiens)

Rusty Moby Fish – Surfboards: Reviews

Rusty Moby Fish - Surfboards: Reviews
Mark Anders

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If you’re a shortboarder stuck in a longboarder’s body, the Moby Fish may be the choice for you. Because this seven-foot-plus funboard is 22 inches wide, nearly three inches thick, and made with floaty EPS foam, it paddles like a longboard. But thanks to the wide swallowtail design, it’s considerably more nimble than most boards this big. It has a looser feel, and rides more like a shorter stick. Though it’s still too clunky to be a true high-performance ride, the Moby Fish is a good all-conditions pick for the more casual surfer. 7’6″ and 8′;

Bonus: The single-to-double-barrel concave design equals mucho speed—we powered through many a would-be closeout section at notoriously fast Oceanside.

Bummer: It’s not dynamic enough for advanced riders.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Mark Wiens