Smartkat Smartkat - Sail Boats: Reviews
(Inga Hendrickson)

Smartkat Smartkat – Sail Boats: Reviews

Smartkat Smartkat - Sail Boats: Reviews

Packable Sailboat

“I can hardly believe it,” remarked one tester, “but it really does sail like a legit boat.” That pretty much sums up our take on the inflatable Smartkat. It took testers about an hour to assemble, but once on the water this 15'7″ masted catamaran, which is capable of reaching 12 knots and comfortably holding up to four passengers (992 pounds), was a blast. The reinforced PVC pontoons inflate rock solid, while the nylon mesh deck laces neatly into a modular anodized frame. And with Dyneema (stronger than steel) mast cables, stainless hardware, and anodized aluminum mast and boom, this thing is built to last. The best part: Check the Smartkat's two sub-50-pound bags without oversize-luggage fees. 14'11″, 92.5 lbs;
Stability: 4
Maneuverability: 4.7




Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson