Surf Sauna

Because who doesn't want a portable sauna, right?

Mattie Schuler

The Surf Sauna is perfect for die-hard surfers and beachgoers who don’t care about nippy air or water temperatures. Just roll it up to your favorite sandy spot on a cool evening, and rest your bones inside its cask-like interior.

The sauna starts out at $16,400, and includes surf racks, a wood-burning stove, aluminum brim, brass hatch, and a mounted shovel and hi-lift jack just in case you find yourself in a sticky situation. Each sauna can be made to fit two to eight people. 

Want to amp up the awesomeness? You can get larger tires to beef up the sauna’s off-road capabilities. You can also add a changing tent and shower, and upgrade to a propane stove. Want music for those nights on the beach? The designers can add Bluetooth speakers.

And don’t worry about sea spray wrecking your new trailer—the company claims the sauna’s western red cedar is rot-resistant and antimicrobial, and the rest of the rig is made from marine-grade galvanized and stainless steel. You can even pimp out the vehicle with your own custom logo.

Starting at $16,400, surfsauna.net