The Three Toughest iPad Cases on the Planet

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There are bazillion iPad cases out there. Some are great, some are crappy, and many are in the middle: they look cool but offer little in the way of actual protection. That's where these three cases come in. If you're looking to take your iPad along on your next serious adventure, look here first.

G-Form Extreme Portfolio: This thing is pretty damn impressive. G-Form's other products include elbow and shin pads, and this case is made from a proprietary compound that contains Poron, a fancy kind of memory foam, and the same type of stuff you find Tempur-Pedic matresses and the inside of football helmets. The case is soft and pliable—until it takes a blow. Then, it's protective enough that a 12-pound bowling ball dropped from several feet high won't shatter your iPads's glass face. Literally. Check out the video below.

Extreme Demo: Can your iPad survive a 12-pound bowling ball? from G-Form on Vimeo.

The iPad Extreme Portfolio is light, water resistant, with edge protection, and it lets you use your iPad in the case–easel, flat or A-stand style. While the Extreme Portfolio ($80) won't be available until September 2011, G-Form's first versions, the iPad Extreme ($60) or more spacious Extreme 2 Case ($70), are made with same stuff and are available now.



Sealline iSeries iPad Case: A heavy-duty ziploc bag might be able to fend off an errant splash or two, but if you're heading someplace truly wet and wild (or windy and dusty) with your iPad, you're going to want something more reliable, like Cascade Designs' Sealline iSeries Case. It seals your iPad from the elements, particularly water and dust, with extra durable welded seams and a zip top bag style closure. The clear urethane front allows for full touch screen capability, and won't interfere with hearing or seeing when you're skyping—even if you're up to three feet underwater for up to 30 minutes. And, it's fully flexible and feather light—about 3 ounces. A urethane patch on the back lets you take photos on land or at sea. There isn't an earphone jack, so you'll need to open it to use headphones or for charging. Available now, $35,

Pelican 1075 Hardback Case: Dustproof, watertight, crushproof, Pelican's 1075 Hardback is the only case we found that can take the abuse outdoor adventurers dish out, but also carry your Pad's bluetooth keyboard, plugs, and accessories. Even when stomped or dropped, the easy open latch stays securely shut, while the molded liner protects your Pad from the blow. An auto purge valve keep out water and dust, and a built in easel allows for easy viewing once you're in a warm and dry location. Available now, $70,

-Berne Broudy

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