Wave Sport Project X
Wave Sport Project X (Courtesy of Wave Sport)

Wave Sport Project X Kayak

Wave Sport Project X
Berne Broudy

THE SELL: A radical play machine. THE TEST: Inspired by their Project franchise, with a nod to the groundbreaking 1997 X, Wave Sport’s designers gathered even more volume around the cockpit, drastically cut down the stern, and added a gentle early-rise rocker that’s reminiscent of a powder ski. The result is a roomy playboat—comfy in the knees and the feet for a six-foot-tall, 10.5-shoe-size tester—that’s fast enough to charge down the face for blunts and aerial wave maneuvers, and with enough volume to pop it airborne for loops. That sawed-off stern has enough flair to easily ride switch but is sharp enough in the corners for high-G backstabs with a small shift in your hips. Wave Sport also invested considerably in its new White Out outfitting system, purported to dry fast and limit water absorption.
THE VERDICT: A user-friendly freestyle craft. Available in 48-, 56- (tested), and 64-gallon sizes. 5’9″–6’1″, 32 lbs;
Stability: 3
Maneuverability: 5

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Courtesy of Wave Sport