Patagonia Watermaster Waders
Patagonia Watermaster Waders
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What Are the Best Waders?

What are the best waders for fly-fishing in Idaho?

Patagonia Watermaster Waders
Doug Gantenbein

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Idaho has tremendous fly-fishing—some of the best in the world. And it covers all sorts of water, from fast, high-mountain streams to lowland desert reservoirs. That also means tough terrain, and you can expect to work up a sweat before you let that fly loose. I’d recommend waders that are light and offer some measure of breathability.

Patagonia’s Watermaster Waders ($299) are a great example. They’re Patagonia’s lightest wader, combining the company’s excellent H2No Hydrostorm barrier with a puncture-resistant polyester microfiber. They come with heavier material lower down, where constant soaking is more likely, and lighter material higher up, providing breathability. They also have an easily adjustable fit and gravel guards.

The Best Waders: Cabela’s Packable Felt Sole Waders

Cabela's Packable Felt Sole Waders
Cabela's Packable Felt Sole Waders (Courtesy of Cabela's)

You might also like Cabela’s Dry-Plus Packable Felt Sole Waders ($159). They’re light and pack into a small pouch that attaches to your belt, making them perfect if you have a long trek into a favorite stream. They’re great in warm weather, and dry very quickly. And, of course, they’re waterproof, using a proprietry waterproof-breathable material.

The Best Waders: Simms G3 Guide Convertible

Simms G3 Guide Convertible waders
Simms G3 Guide Convertible waders (Courtesy of Simms)

Simms has produced high-quality, reliable waders for years. If you have the budget, check out their G3 Guide Convertible waders ($450). They’re made from top-of-the-line Gore-Tex Pro Shell and can be rolled down easily in warm weather, converting from chest waders to wading pants. And like Patagonia’s Watermaster Waders, they’re built with a lightweight upper for breathability.

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