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Where can I find a do-everything tool?

I have been searching online for the past few hours for piece of equipment that I believe I saw in some gear magazine (the mail order kind). I will describe it: digital watch, with a compass, stopwatch, etc., and a lighter, signal mirror, and small knife blade with various other attachments. It hung from a lanyard and cost around $100.00 or so. Can you help me find a name for this product or where I might be able to order one? Thanks for the help. Bradford Hammar Charleston, West Virginia


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At first, Bradford, I thought you were joking. I mean, really-a multi-toll with watch and compass and mirror and blade and various other things. Seems like a bit much.

Bu then I though, no, don’t dismiss his missive. The guy saw what he saw. So I did a thorough search, checked with sources, pored through the extensive stock of catalogs I keep under the mattress, and consulted with the world’s leading experts on multi-tools. And my conclusion: You were hallucinating. If there is such a thing, and I doubt that there is, it is SO obscure as to defy even my vast gear-finding abilities. I mean, in a way it doesn’t even make any sense. The abuse you’d put the watch through by using it as a hardware tool would test any shockproof timekeeping device. And to be useful, a signal mirror has to be 2X4″ or so, otherwise what’s the point? If it does exist, I’m sure it hangs from a lanyard-it sure wouldn’t fit in a pocket.

My advice: Put the wristwatch/stopwatch on your wrist, a Leatherman in your pocket, and a compass and signal mirror in your pack.

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