Adventures in Audio
Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold

What It Takes to Be Alex Honnold’s Climbing Partner

An unnatural lack of fear, a high tolerance for suffering, and a healthy sense of humor. Just ask Cedar Wright.


Desperate Road-Trippers Saved by… Instagram?

When you carry the whole world in your pocket, aid can arrive from the most unexpected places

Luke and Amy Bushatz with their newborn son at Luke’s deployment ceremony, May 2009

A Soldier’s Long Road Back from Afghanistan

After an American Army captain came home traumatized from the war, he lost his ability to love. It took the wilderness to reopen his heart.

Hillary Allen running

A Runner’s Terrifying Fall—and What Came After

For elite mountain athlete Hillary Allen, a near deadly fall was the start of a long, winding journey to find a new source of strength and purpose


How to Date an Athlete

The curious challenge of loving someone who’s always leaving you in the dust


The Rattlesnake Bite That Changed Everything

Kyle Dickman had spent his life chasing adventure. But after nearly dying from a snake bite, he saw menacing risks everywhere he went.


The Stinky Truths About Your Sweat

Answers to the questions you’ve always had about perspiring but were afraid to ask

Melinda Spooner

Saved by Far-Flung Travel

After her prestigious corporate job nearly destroyed her, Melinda Spooner found her path forward by getting way, way out there


The Many Upsides of Taking On Unreasonable Challenges

What we learn from getting way, way outside our comfort zones

Italian cyclist Vittoria Bussi wants the hour record for herself. For her father’s memory. For history.

The Most Painful Record in Sports

When an elite cyclist attempts to ride a bike as far as possible in an hour, one thing is guaranteed: they will hurt like never before


The Wild Songs in Thomas Rhett's Heart

The superstar country singer realized he needs to chase adventure every day—and then turn it into music

Getting to this point wasn’t easy for Jordan—he’d had a hard time coming out even to his close friends.

A Pro Climber’s Coming-Out Story

Jordan Cannon found the courage to share his true self in an unlikely place: on the face of Yosemite’s El Capitan, with his hero

When your dad shares an experience from his younger days, you learn something about who he is.

The Adventures That Made a Super Dad

He wanted to be the best man he could be. This required some bold and questionable choices.

Mason Earle speaks about going from being an elite athlete to spending most of his waking hours in bed, the pleasure he now finds in the littlest things, and why he actually doesn’t miss climbing.

A Pro Climber and the Disorder That Brought Him Down to Earth

Mason Earle was scaling iconic rock faces when he was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Now he faces his greatest test of endurance.

Dying Earth

An Agonizingly Thirsty Crawl Through the Desert

To really understand the outer limits of dehydration, you need to listen to the remarkable story of Pablo Valencia

At her lowest moment, Kayla Lockhart picked up a fly-fishing rod and headed out to a stream.

Casting Out of Darkness

Kayla Lockhart was desperate for relief from the panic that plagued her. She found it at the edge of a stream.

Light painting a Joshua Tree at night

Alone and Injured in the Wild

The remarkable survival story of Claire Nelson, whose solo hike in the desert turned into a desperate fight for her life

Alex Showerman spent years trying to outrun a secret about herself, only to crash headlong into it.

Running from the Truth

Outdoor athlete Alex Showerman spent years trying to escape a secret about herself, only to crash headlong into it

Sanjayan relives the journeys that spurred him to look at our relationship to the planet—and each other—in a whole new way.

The Wild Trips That Transformed a Scientist

Conservation International CEO M. Sanjayan saw our relationship to the planet in a new way after a series of remarkable adventures

Pirate Map to Buried Treasure, Isolated on White. Horizontal.

The Story Behind the Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt

Digging deep with journalist Daniel Barbarisi, whose new account reveals the very real danger of the chase

Journalist Ian Urbina aboard the Indonesian patrol ship Macan in the South China Sea

A Quest to Expose the World’s Most Dangerous Frontier

Journalist Ian Urbina is revealing the lawlessness of the open ocean in ways you’d never imagine

Seeing a twister left Jennifer Brindley Ubl in awe—and always wanting more.

When the Tornado Chased the Storm Chaser

Hunting twisters made Jennifer Brindley Ubl feel deeply inspired—until it scared her to death

man sun business suit nature landscape

A Journey to the Strange World Beyond Our Screens

After more than a year of pandemic living, let us remember why it’s worth getting out there

Savannah Cummins endured a tragedy last year that forced her to reexamine the life she’s chosen and the kinds of dangers and consequences she’s willing to accept.

An Elite Adventurer Reckons with Risk

A tragedy forced Savannah Cummins to come to terms with the fact that doing what she loves means putting lives in danger

One light in the dark spooky woods at night

An Appalachian Trail Horror Story

Sometimes the biggest threat in the wilderness is another human

Rusch takes us through her hardest moments on the trail and explains why pushing herself to go way, way outside her comfort zone was essential for her progression as an athlete and as a human being.

Biking the Iditarod in Search of Pain

Champion endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch figured her quest for enlightenment on the Iditarod Trail would hurt. She was right.

Photographer Kiliii Yuyan documented the Inupiat people’s spring whale hunt. A hungry polar bear began stalking the party, forcing the hunters to defend themselves.

Life and Death Among the Polar Bears

A close encounter in the far north offers powerful lessons about how Native people have chosen to live alongside a dangerous predator

“You can ride in a way that’s true to you and where you come from,” Williams says.

A Bold Plan to Make Pro Cycling Cool Again

Justin Williams has a fast and furious vision for reviving road racing in America

Confined to a wheelchair, Joe Stone faced a giant question: What am I supposed to do now?

When an Athlete Refuses to Be Broken

When Joe Stone crashed his paraglider into a mountain, his days as an athlete were supposed to be finished. But Joe had other plans.

Leonard wanted to face his fears and put them in their place. But then he was involved in an accident while climbing near Moab, Utah, that forced him to reckon with his identity once again.

Embracing a Fear of Falling

All too often, we tell ourselves that being scared is just part of an adventure. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a young man, Paddy O fell so deeply under the spell of one very special film that, despite never having skied before, he abandoned his life in the Midwest and ran away to the Rockies forever.

How the Ski Bum Was Made

The untold story of why a generation of dreamers abandoned promising lives to deliver pizza and chase their wildest powder dreams

Sequoia Schmidt’s father and brother died on K2, the world’s second-tallest and most dangerous peak.

A Desperate Need for the Mountains

After Sequoia Schmidt’s family was torn apart by climbing, her own desire to reach higher was born

Gleich talks about her long journey to becoming comfortable in the backcountry.

“It Was a Way to Keep His Spirit Alive”

When an avalanche killed Caroline Gleich’s brother, it didn’t end her pro skiing dreams. But it did change her approach to the mountains.

Glove buried in snow after avalanche .

Buried Alive—and Running Out of Time

The desperate race to save a skier who disappeared under an avalanche

Their survival depended on working together, and over many difficult hours, they took turns saving each other.

A Climbing Disaster Interrupted by a Love Story

Sometimes our darkest moments create the best kind of magic

A San Francisco–based startup called Roam has developed a breakthrough device that pairs clever mechanics with artificial intelligence to give your lower body a boost when you need it most.

The Pure Joy of Bionic Skiing

A revolutionary robotic device is opening up all kinds of new possibilities in the mountains

Reef Break

A Veteran Surfer’s Big-Wave Nightmare

When a massive swell surprised author William Finnegan, he was left with only one option: paddle for his life

Surfer In Ocean

A Surfer’s Will to Survive the Open Sea

What does it take to get through the worst-case scenario? A very special combination of physical and mental strength.

A talented juggler juggling in front of a body of water

Why Learning a New Skill Is So Good for You

A journalist's efforts at reinvention reveal a surprising truth: developing new abilities is one of the most life-enhancing things we can do


Inside Emily Harrington's Triumph on El Capitan

The climber talks about the scary falls that actually enabled her to make it to the top of Yosemite's iconic big wall

Steven Rinella

Life Lessons from Elite Explorers

'MeatEater' host Steven Rinella and adventure photographer Krystle Wright on the experiences that changed them


Tim Cook on Health and Fitness

Apple's CEO says technology can help us lead healthier, more balanced lives—but we also need to learn how to ignore our screens

Jumping Silhouette

Two Wild Trips with Surprisingly Happy Endings

More often than not, our biggest adventures are nothing like we expect them to be—in the best of ways