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Buried Treasure and Duct Tape


So you just found a buried treasure. Hooray! But wait, what do you do next? Are other treasure hunters going to stalk you day and night? Are you going to have to pay taxes on your new riches? How do you turn gold and jewels into usable money anyway? If these are the kinds of questions that keep you up at night, then this episode is for you. Or maybe you’ve been wondering about something more practical, like what’s the craziest thing duct tape has ever been used to repair? This week our friends at the show Every Little Thing, who are committed to answering listeners’ most interesting, least important questions, take on both topics.

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Peter Frick-Wright (host):Have you ever seen a tiny dog chase a really big squirrel and thought to yourself, what's he gonna do if he catches that thing? Or, same question, watched your big dog disappear into the woods after a deer or elk, and thought, it's going to be really bad if he gets it? Well, here at Outside, we come across a lot of stories where someone is chasing something, whether it's Sasquatch, buried treasure or a giant squid. There's always this unanswered question there that basically comes down to what are they going to do if they find it? Their life is not going to just go back to normal, maybe ever. Now in the case of treasure, you might think that's a good problem to have, but it's still a problem and it can actually be a pretty big one. If you look at some of the recent shipwreck discoveries with treasurer onboard people who have gone to jail or caused international incidents because they didn't handle it properly.

So what should you do if you find buried treasure? Lucky for us, there's a podcast devoted to questions like these called Every Little Thing. Our former producer, Phoebe Flanagan works there now and today I want to share two of their stories because they're about treasure and the craziest duct tape repair of all. You know, stuff you need to know to get through your day. The show is hosted by Flora Lichtman who zeroes right in on the kind of useless information that actually comes in handy at dinner parties. And the whole show is just generally a lot of fun. Anyway, these two stories are some of my Favorite Little Things in a while. So enjoy.

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