Tayos has attracted artists and storytellers hoping to capture its energy. (Photo: Courtesy David Kushner)

It Happened Deep in a Cave in the Amazon


David Kushner always knew that his assignment to write about a mysterious cave in the rainforest of Ecuador would be challenging and a bit risky. Cueva de los Tayos, or Cave of the Oilbirds, has for decades beckoned adventurers and tantalized fans of the occult who believe that it contains artifacts that could rewrite human history. In recent years, though, Tayos has attracted different kinds of seekers—artists and storytellers hoping to capture its energy and bring it out into the world. People like Eileen Hall, daughter of a legendary explorer who helped make the cave famous, and Grammy-nominated British electronic musician Jon Hopkins, who traveled there and came back inspired to create a very unique album. But what Kushner never imagined was that his own experience inside the cave would change him forever.

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