Matt DeLaney
What if, in addition to loaning books, we started lending outdoor gear? (Photo: Aislinn Sarnacki/Bangor Daily News)

Forces of Good: The Gearhead Librarian Who Revived a Town

Matt DeLaney

When you think of heroes in American culture, you probably conjure images of astronauts and Olympians, scientists and social activists, soldiers and … well, maybe the occasional politician. What you don’t picture are a group of dedicated, ingenious innovators who almost never get the credit they deserve: small-town librarians. Working with limited resources and a whole lot of spirit, they find the most creative ways to support their communities. In this installment of our Forces of Good series, we present the story of a very enterprising librarian who came to a struggling town in Maine and took action on a novel idea: What if, in addition to loaning books, we started lending outdoor gear?

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