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Nov 27, 2019

Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi’s All-In Partnership

The husband and wife directing team open up about the life and work that they’ve created together—and where it all goes from here.

Nov 20, 2019

Getting Stung By the Nastiest Creatures on Earth

What two TV hosts learned from subjecting themselves to the agony-inducing defenses of insects, snakes, lizards, and fish

Nov 13, 2019

Richard Louv Wants You to Bond with Wild Animals

The bestselling author is back with a bold book arguing that we desperately need to connect with other species

Nov 6, 2019

The Hardest Part of a Rescue Comes Later

Two years after he was saved in a remote canyon, our host talks with one of his rescuers about coping with life-altering trauma.

Oct 30, 2019

When Our Podcast Host Shattered His Leg in a Canyon

It took an epic effort to get him out. Two years later, the healing for him and his rescuers continues.

Oct 22, 2019

The Curious Rise of Adult Recess Leagues

Across the country, grown-ups are bounding outside after work for kickball, capture the flag, and other kid games. What's going on?

Oct 16, 2019

Why the Author of 'Born to Run' Trains with a Donkey

Christopher McDougall, the author of ‘Born to Run’, is back with a new book about his surprising relationship with a burro named Sherman

Oct 9, 2019

A Wild Odyssey with the World’s Greatest Chef

When Jeff Gordinier accepted an invite from chef René Redzepi to hunt for tacos in Mexico, he had no idea what he was getting into

Oct 2, 2019

The Wrong Way to Fight Off a Bear

The year's most dramatic story of a bear attack offers potentially lifesaving lessons for anyone venturing into the wild

Sep 26, 2019

Getting Past Our Fear of Sharks

Behind the headlines about the return of sharks to Cape Cod is a story about how we're learning to live alongside a terrifying predator