Sarah Gearhart
The legendary Kenyan runner is aiming for an unprecedented fifth Berlin Marathon victory

New name, image, and likeness program aims to aid athletes hoping to transition to the next level of competition

Other highlights at the Pikes Peak Ascent included American Sophia Laukli being crowned the world’s top mountain runner

How failing in training and racing can make you a stronger runner

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Coach Cory Leslie fosters a new team of distance runners at the Under Armour headquarters

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Under Armour Coach Lara Rogers shows how women can excel in the pro ranks

Swiss runner Rémi Bonnet leads a world-class field in this weekend’s Pikes Peak Ascent

In 2021, Max LeNail drowned while trail running in a San Diego park. His parents demanded a bridge. Two years later, they’re still fighting. 

How the self-described industry disruptor is teaming up with Run Alaska Trails to make space for athletes of color

For master’s world record holder Sue McDonald, it’s all about mental games and keeping the training fun

This new documentary on Outside Watch follows a 20-year journey of one runner’s dream to become a six-star marathon finisher and increase representation in the running community

The most prolific athlete at this year’s World Championships was also the most fun to watch

The ‘Hacks’ writer and podcaster has a moonlighting obsession with all things running

The Tucson-born runner will race for Team USA in the world championships marathon on August 27 in Budapest

D’Amato, Susanna Sullivan, and Lindsay Flanagan will race in the women’s world championship marathon for Team USA on August 26 in Budapest

In the rural Italian village of San Rocco a Pilli, seven top runners prepared for the World Athletics Championships while living in an 18th century villa. Welcome to Tuscany Camp. 

An inmate serving a sentence in Ohio turns setback into opportunity from within, joining a running club and raising money for student school supplies 

The dissolution of the Pac-12 is a reminder that Olympic sports like running need to find a new business model. And that’s not such a bad thing.   

The new book ‘Becoming a Sustainable Runner’ offers a science-backed playbook for being an ecologically responsible athlete and citizen

Zharnel Hughes is the British record holder and the world’s top-ranked 100-meter sprinter this year who will bid for his first individual title at the World Championships in Budapest

The Running Industry Diversity Coaltion’s findings emphasize a long road ahead for achieving racial equity in the running community

In the opulent alpine resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland, America’s fastest distance runner is preparing to measure up against the world’s best. How close can she get? 

Legalizing some performance-enhancing drugs might result in less cheating, but at what cost?

How the athlete and activist is paving the way for the next generation of track stars to live and compete as their authentic selves

On the second day of his first ultramarathon, the runner withdrew just a few miles from the finish line. But that didn’t stop him from completing the race.

Whether she’s setting mountain FKTs or working to bring attention to climate change, Hillary Gerardi is a force of nature

Houlihan has been throwing down impressive times this summer, despite being suspended from her sport

The boat people volunteers who shuttle runners across the American River at mile 78 on the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run have seen it all

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Watch what happened when this six-year run streaker and HOKA Global Athlete Ambassador took on an iconic ultramarathon in California's Sierra Nevada

The Chicago-born trail runner drops the fastest time on the Nolan’s 14, one of Colorado’s most daunting routes

As Eliud Kipchoge announces he'll run the 2023 Berlin Marathon, what we can learn from the world’s greatest distance runner of all-time while he’s still in his prime

There’s nothing difficult about this nutrient-dense green recipe to keep the immune system strong and recovery speedy

What does Wimbledon tennis pro Danielle Lao do in her off-season? She runs. A lot.

Coffee, candy, and joy are a few ways the world’s top ultrarunner keeps her love for running fresh

The practice of adventure racing can satisfy a deep-rooted need to strategize and push one’s physical limits. For this writer, it also gave her an unshakeable feeling of escape.

When she started her freshman year during the height of the pandemic, the college student felt trapped. Then she started running.

This body-positive runner is partnering with Rising Hearts and GU Energy Labs to bring her self-belief to ultrarunning’s biggest stage: the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run

Designed to be like a home for runners, venture into Mexico City’s Metta Running House for a pair of shoes, a book, a cerveza—and a whole lot more

Refugee Dominic Lobalu has proven that he can beat the best runners in the world. But will that be enough to get him to the World Championships? 

One of the world’s leading kung fu masters has trained the Wu-Tang Clan, Björk, and Wesley Snipes. Running is central to his training. Here’s why. 

Bowie’s death in April sent shockwaves through the running community

Nurses in the U.S. walk an average of a marathon per week, and a sponsorship model for N.C.A.A. athletes is now being extended to healthcare workers

Farvard is one of 17 athletes selected for the North Face’s Athlete Development Program. His mountain objectives, including this month’s Western States 100, have never been more ambitious.

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How to best care for your body to keep doing the outdoor activities you love

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What do this rising actress, rock drummer, and elite hotshot squad leader have in common? They're all runners.

What storytelling around running can tell us about where the sport is headed

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From foraging wild asparagus to scouting for the perfect shot, these runners are proving there’s no wrong way to run

Here are five ways to celebrate Global Running Day, even if you never knew it existed

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An inspiring lineup of one-of-a-kind runners you’ll wish you heard of sooner

Here are the most important things to know before catching a flight for your next trail-running adventure

When fitness influencer William Goodge ran across the country to raise money for charity, his feat received unprecedented scrutiny from hardcore running fans

2021 Outsider of the Year Steph Catudal’s new memoir, ‘Everything All at Once,’ offers a raw look inside the paradoxical landscape of grief and surrender, love and loss of her father, and nearly her husband, endurance athlete Tommy Rivs

When the schoolteacher had a stroke, her doctor told her to stop running. Instead she embraced the sport with a newfound joy.

The ultrarunner and endurance skier is open to whatever the mountain gives her—she wants to experience a new adventure and inspire other women to do the same

The legendary trail runner and mountaineer was trying to climb the world’s highest mountain from the West Ridge

For Mental Health Awareness Month, the Olympian partnered with the New York Road Runners to share the message that when it comes to mental health, it’s about progress, not perfection

How a successful running coach from California hopes to bring other female coaches along

‘We Share the Sun’ is a new book that takes a behind-the-scenes look inside the life of Patrick Sang, the coach behind many of the Kenyan super-elite marathoners

The father-son duo of Dick and Rick Hoyt conquered over 1,100 endurance events worldwide, including more than 70 marathons

After being hit by a car, the entrepreneur was afraid to cross the street. Training for a marathon helped her take back her life.

The New York-based upstart apparel company’s community ethos isn’t just for show

Come meet the partners of elite women runners and get a glimpse into how they support their faster halves

Fearing racial violence, the Colorado trail runner turned to her network of athletes. Their support helped her move forward with pride.

A near-death experience prompted this trail runner to take stock of what mattered to him—fighting for civil rights and adventures in the mountains

The competitive endurance athlete chose not to complete a grueling marathon. That's when she realized: you don't have to finish everything you start.

45,000 runners are expected to run this year’s Memorial Day 10K on May 29

After running faster than Khalid Khannouchi and Galen Rupp, Canada’s fastest marathoner is riding the wave to the Paris 2024 Olympics

Despite being an accomplished mountain athlete, she struggled with her body image. But by imagining how younger girls would see her story, she found the strength to accept herself.

Real-time video coverage of ultrarunning events is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Is that a good thing? 

Despite the proliferation of destination marathons, some runners are making a conscientious decision to stay closer to home. But they wouldn’t judge you.   

How can our running practice leave a lighter footprint? This Earth Day, Outside Run editors share their favorite articles at the intersection of running and ecological responsibility.

Climate change is rendering some of our most beloved landscapes unrecognizable. How can awe and wonder cultivated on the trail help us navigate the earth’s transformation?

Losing his lower legs to disease in childhood caused him to hide himself for decades. Then a long, hot hike across the Grand Canyon showed him a new way forward.

My dogs love every run, with no goals, measurements or expectations. I need that right now.

More than 50 years ago, this 20-year-old became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, even while organizers tried to pull her off the course. She finished—and started a movement.

City and race organizers will honor Boston Marathon victims and first responders on April 15

The first woman to run the Boston Marathon creates art inspired by strength and movement   

In his new book, ‘A Mile at a Time,’ endurance athlete Travis Macy offers key insights about helping his dad endure Alzheimer’s disease 

Get ready for the 2023 Boston Marathon with Outside's guide to the race, the city, and all the news on the 26.2 miles to Boylston St.