45,000 runners are expected to run this year’s Memorial Day 10K on May 29

A look at the history of this essential piece of equipment. It’s come so far, thanks to enterprising runners, but is still not adequate for a high percentage of women.

Cross-country began and grew in the cold off-season, and its world championships are usually held in winter mud and slush. This year, however, will be different.

In this excerpt from his new book ‘Running Throughout Time: the Greatest Running Stories Ever Told,’ Roger Robinson surfaces an incredible bit of sports history: the Great Marathon Derby of 1909.

The alternative story of how, 40 years ago, running escaped from its amateur restrictions and became a modern, professional sport.

A few of our favorite moments from the Tokyo Games that inspired us for their demonstration of courage, commitment, passion and excellence.

America’s first time hosting the Olympics in 1904 included a marathon run in 90 degree temperatures, deliberate dehydration, and a champion fueled by rat poison and brandy.

A celebration of runners who didn't win but inspired us and won our admiration by living the Olympic ideal: “to have fought well.” 

The mile race is the perfect drama — to race, to watch, to relive — as these trackside accounts of unforgettable showdowns throughout running history reveal.

A few of the watershed moments that shifted the sport of running toward inclusiveness and highlighted women's excellence.

What the Lake Biwa Marathon’s incredible results reveal about Japanese marathoning today.

The story of a runner who went missing during the 1912 Olympic marathon and recorded the world's slowest time by several decades. He’s now celebrated as Japan’s ‘father of the marathon.’

Imagine Bill Rodgers, Mary Decker-Slaney, Wes Santee as Olympic champions; Kipchoge's double, Coe's treble, Nurmi's perfect ten.

A tribute to Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of landscape architecture, who designed great running spaces from Central Park to Stanford University's campus.

The Olympic games may be postponed a year, but we’ll always have these goosebump-invoking stories. (Video clips included.)

From the first in 1968 to the most-recent in 2016, a half-dozen U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials have stood out—and provide lessons for every runner.

What runners used to believe makes us laugh—and wonder what current “truths” will survive.

Paula Radcliffe ran fearlessly to a world record, and three of the greatest male runners in history—Khannouchi, Tergat, and Gebrselassie—battled to the finish.