Despite losing his goal of a world masters championship appearance this year, Roger Robinson is finding positives and keeps training and improving. 

Dathan Ritzenhein reveals what he has learned from three of his best training partners through the years, and why now is a great time to apply those lessons.

A new book reveals many sides of Bill Squires, the legendary, whacky Boston coach who has mentored runners of all abilities and helped inspire the running boom.

At just 25-years-old and with only one marathon under her belt, time might be on Seidel’s side as she shifts her focus to prepare for an Olympic Games in 2021.

The Olympic games may be postponed a year, but we’ll always have these goosebump-invoking stories. (Video clips included.)

40 Years ago, April 12, 1980, was one of running’s greatest days.

Why we may still want, and need, to run hard in a time of crisis.

The skills that allow you to adapt and endure during a race can get you through the challenge and unpredictability of the coronavirus outbreak.

The removal of races gives us an unexpected off-season to become the runners we dream about being.

There's nothing quite like going long to develop your running body—and refresh your mind.

A loose group of runners from around the world who share Somali roots has had a remarkable year so far. Here's how they train.

When life has enough challenge, we don’t need big running goals—but we still need running.

Seidel, the former NCAA champion from Notre Dame, became the first American woman to earn an Olympic berth in her debut marathon, running the sixth-fastest time in Olympic Trials history.

As Abdi Abdirahman aimed to make his 5th Olympic Team, the 43-year-old talked about friends, aging, career perspective and his training in Ethiopia.

Jake Riley ran 2:13 in his debut marathon 5 years ago in Chicago. Then the wheels started to fall off. Healthy again, he finished ninth last fall in 2:10:36.

Approaching the Trials, as runners we’re more than fans, we’re part of the tribe.

From the first in 1968 to the most-recent in 2016, a half-dozen U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials have stood out—and provide lessons for every runner.

Every runner has the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of fitness and flow from floating fast.

Further extending the separation of the elite field as its own race, male pros will leave Hopkinton 23 minutes before the masses.

Each run can be better by making your training patterns more like an elite's, plus being willing to give yourself a break.

Real change requires simple steps (which doesn't make them easy).

One runner reflects on why he keeps answering the call of the clock to chase a 5-minute mile each year, 26 years on—and why it is valuable, even if he falls short.

Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein shares how he, and other champions, continue to have success by adapting training and goals over the years.

How Antonio Arreola and Steve Schmidt became the first runners to break 3 hours in the marathon over 6 consecutive decades.

Why runners—starting in youth—should schedule peaks, breaks and variety into their running year.

How a few tough men—and one woman—have run a marathon under 3 hours in every decade since the '70s, and counting.

An annual ascent goal produces strength, injury-proof fitness, and a satisfying challenge.

There's something deeply human about dreaming big and falling short, as Hungry Runner Girl's experience and perspective reveals.

Iain Mickle ran under 3 hours at the Cal International Marathon… more than 42 years after his first sub-3.

Amby Burfoot shares secrets to longevity after completing the Manchester Road Race for a record-setting 57th consecutive time.

An unlikely band of girls build strength, win a big city victory, and leave a lasting legacy.

Today Jared Ward finished sixth, improving his New York best by almost two minutes. Next stop: the U.S. Marathon Trials in February

Coach Ryan Hall describes Sara Hall's training and strategy in running two marathons five weeks apart—in preparation for the Olympic Trials Marathon.

Masters champion Ginette Bedard, who will compete in her 17th consecutive New York City Marathon this Sunday, runs two hours every day.

Former elite marathoner Nuta Olura discovers that sometimes finishing a marathon can be as challenging—and rewarding—as winning one.

34-year-old Eliud Kipchoge ran 26.2 miles in 1:59:40 on a tree-lined avenue in the heart of Vienna Saturday morning, surrounded by pacemakers and cheering crowds.

What runners used to believe makes us laugh—and wonder what current “truths” will survive.

How social media makes feeling good about your running even harder for today’s youth, and 5 ways to move beyond the comparison treadmill.

Bekele’s manager, Jos Hermens, talks candidly about how the champion prepared since May for his comeback performance, plus Kipchoge's chances for a 1:59.

An excerpt from the new book, Amazing Racers, opens a window into the training methods of Fayetteville-Manlius, the most successful cross country program ever.

When training and focus come together with the right conditions, breakthrough races are possible. Dathan Ritzenhein recalls his best race ever.

The newest sub-13:00 5K runner talks about how and why the Portland race happened, his teammates, his training, and how he handles critics.

No matter your athletic ability, running accepts all and keeps giving for a lifetime.

After having nearly quit the sport in 2017, Lomong now stands as the only man to have won national titles in the 10k, 5k and the 1500m.

Caution: Reading this will cause extreme wanderlust.

Having learned balance in her first pro year, six-time NCAA national champion Karissa Schweizer is coming to the USATF championships fresh and hungry.

Ben Bruce, 4-time member of U.S. world championship teams, details the training he did in the final weeks before running his best 10K.

One of the best young ultrarunners in the country just served notice. Take Jared Hazen for granted no more.

Bryce Hoppel shares how he got into the sport, his training and racing mindset, and his thoughts on chasing KU legends.

Gene Dykes, the world’s fastest 71-year-old marathoner (2:54!) says yes, and tells how he combines frequent ultras and fast marathons.

A dozen well-known running writers describe how running helps inspire ideas and shape their articles and books.

Ron Hill, who ran every day for over 52 years and was a world-class champion, is a role model for each of us to be better runners and people.

The longest active run streaker, Jon Sutherland, shares the secrets to averaging 10 miles of running per day for 50 years.

A competitor learns another way to appreciate the sport when she’s confined to the Boston sidelines instead of running with her friend.

What team and training secrets lie behind the Flagstaff-based Northern Arizona Elite's string of successes?

After her 2:23 debut in London, Emily Sisson is officially one of the best American marathoners of all time. And she's got a plan to get better.

A running buddy sees your limitless potential, celebrates the best, tolerates the worst, and is always up for a questionable adventure—like a birthday run in the Grand Canyon.

Unsponsored marathoner Lindsay Flanagan, Olympic standard in hand, balances coaching other athletes with her own training.

The preview of Sunday's London Marathon men's race can be written in one word: Kipchoge.

Paula Radcliffe ran fearlessly to a world record, and three of the greatest male runners in history—Khannouchi, Tergat, and Gebrselassie—battled to the finish.

Dathan Ritzenhein gives us a personal look at what went right—and wrong—at the 2019 Boston Marathon and shares advice on recovery, evaluation and forging forward.

Korir, the 2012 Boston Marathon Champion, is taking a break from politics to refocus on running and mentoring—and is back in Boston ready to race on Monday.

After becoming training partners with Amby Burfoot, the hero of her youth, the author gets to share Boston with him on the 50th anniversary of his victory.

Sara Mae Berman, one of the pioneers of women’s running, talks about how she got into the sport on the 50th anniversary of her 1969 victory.

Continuing his #everysinglestreet quest to know his world intimately, on the street level, ultra-runner Rickey Gates explored nine neighborhoods in Mexico City.

Kipchirchir, who leads the U.S. team into the IAAF World Cross Country Championships this week, has arrived at the top of American distance running nine years after showing up as a college freshman.

Johnny Gregorek talks about being in a world record race, taking down his father's mile mark, and his positive views on the new Olympic standards.

The current college admissions scandal is the logical extreme of a culture that values results over progress.

Watch the new documentary, read why Rickey Gates found running every street of his city worthwhile, and plan your own running discovery quest.

New world record for 10 marathons in 10 days? Check! Here's how Wardian is consistently one of the most prolific and successful ultrarunners of all time.