No mountain? No problem. As our man discovered, racing up a skyscraper provides a challenge as daunting as many high peaks.

I'm a 71-year old runner and cyclist. I ride about 250 miles a month and run 16 to 18 miles a week. Lately my hamstrings are sore. Do you have any suggestions to ease my sore hamstrings so I can keep running?

I've just started running again after a long lay off, and I don't want to lose momentum over the winter. What's the best shell I can get to keep me dry and warm without blowing the thermostat? KT London, England

DEAN KARNAZES talks about racing in the most extreme conditions on earth.

I’m looking for a compact and lightweight backpack that I can take running. It should move with me securely through rough terrain. Do you have suggestions? Jay Vancouver, Washington

He’s stronger, fitter, and nearly six seconds faster than he was in 2001, when he smashed Jim Ryun’s high school mile record. But consistency has never been Alan Webb’s strong point. Will Beijing finally bring America’s star runner the glory he—and the rest of us—have been waiting for?

Ultrarunning ambassador Dean Karnazes shares his secrets for going, going, going …

I’m an experienced road runner, and now I want to train for an off-road triathlon. Where should I start with trail-runners? Chris Indianapolis, Indiana

Turn your vacation into a full-body recalibration with these performance-enhancing getaways

I've run one ultrarathon and looking to do a few more this year. What are the best and lightest trail shoes on the market? I tried the North Face Arnuva 50 Boa, but I'd like to hear about some lighter choices. Thanks! Alex Iowa City, Iowa

Gear you can't run without

Pick one of these races coming up this spring, and start rehearsing your victory speech.

1. HIND P.E. SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT » This T’s grid pattern minimizes points of contact on the skin for increased airflow, which helps keep you cool. And on long runs, the extra-stretchy underarm panels don’t chafe. $38; womens running…

Strange but true: It feels good to run all day. Prep yourself with this go-far gear.

A new shoe promises more efficient running by taking a page from Isaac Newton

In the Store: Don’t know what kind of arches you have? Dunk your foot lightly in some water and then step on a paper bag. See almost your entire foot? You’re an overpronator. See very little? You’re an underpronator (this is less common). »…

I’m so glad it’s finally spring, and I can’t wait to get out on the trails. But it’s pretty muddy on some of my favorites. Which trail-runners do you recommend for these conditions? Kevin Boulder, Colorado

I have a modest build and run three times per week on mostly hard surfaces. Recently, after every session I’ve developed persistent heel pain. Any suggestion on a good running shoe that offers outstanding cushioning? Rich New York, New York

I'd love to run on the concrete recreation trails outside my house, but they hurt my bones. I’ve had to stick to dirt trails, which are a car ride away. Which running shoe will cushion well on paved surfaces? LCB Erie, Colorado

Dean Karnazes grabbed the headlines, but Mississippi native SAM THOMPSON, 25, nabbed the record last summer with little fanfare, becoming the first person to blitz 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. Even more impressive: He suffered zero blisters en route. Here's how.

I’m sick of being confined to the treadmill this winter. How should I dress for a cold-weather run? Knox Brookline, Massachusetts

I need a headlp for late-night trail running. I have a Petzl Tikka, which is great if everything is within hands reach, but beyond your feet it doesn't work very well. What do you suggest? David Syracuse, New York

To interview ultrarunner Dean Karnazes for our January cover story, “This Life Goes to 11,” managing editor Katie Arnold joined him for a “short run.” Four hours later, she’d completed her first marathon. Here, read extended excerpts from their conversation.

In which our intrepid misadventurer sets out to win a marathon and quit smoking. (Hint: He only succeeds at one.)

I’m an over-pronator and run marathons with motion-control shoes to compensate. I’d like to get into adventure racing and need to know which trail-running shoes offer the best motion control. Any ideas? Jay Pensacola, Florida

Get the most out of long summer days with featherweight performance gear for running, riding, climbing, and hiking

After a breakout year, this native Colorado triathlete is ready for the world stage

I am a slow runner. In fact, last week I was running and I was passed by a glacier. How can I improve my speed?

I pretty new to running and going to do a 13-mile trail run that is expected to take about four-plus hours. I looking for hydration packs as there will not be aid stations or anything like that. My concern is with the hydration backpacks or lumbar packs that offer only one place to store one kind of drink. What do I do about carrying water and my electrolyte replacement? Are backpacks out of the question? How do you feel about The North Face Dayhiker Lumbar Pack? It has plenty of room for food, and has a dual source for water and my other drink. Tia San Jose, California

What's the best headlp for running groomed trails now that it gets dark early? I'd like it to be waterproof for those snowy or rainy days. Ray Wheaton, Illinois

She: "I just ran 300 miles!" He: "Check out my rippling quads!" It ain't easy being Pam Reed. When the skinny Tucson mom ran 11 marathons in a row without stopping this spring, did anybody notice? No, they were too busy fawning over her nemesis, the buff Dean Karnazes, as he dashed gaily from magazine shoot to book signing. So what gives?

Don't undermine your trail-shoe investment with tired socks. A fresh set of condition-specific cushions will turn miles into smiles.

Whether your happy medium is mud, water, or plain old dirt, there's a trick new trail runner built to take you there

LAST FEBRUARY, we asked Werner Hoeger, an exercise physiologist at Boise State University, to evaluate the training regimens of three top winter athletes and decide who had the best combination of power, cardiovascular fitness, and speed. (Speed skater Derek Parra got the nod.) With the Athens Games coming up this…

Boy would I like your job! Anyway, next year I plan on doing some multi-day trail runs, so wanted some pack recommendations. These will most likely be overnight excursions, and there'll be two of us, so we can distribute tent components. So, what pack would you recommend to carry all my gear (half the tent, lightweight sleeping bag, some light wet-weather gear, food, water, sundries)? I was looking at packs around the 26-litre mark, but wondering if that'd be enough. Rob London, United Kingdom

Can you recommend a trail running shoe that offers good ankle support? Most trail shoes are low- or mid-cut. I have weak ankles from years of basketball (sprains and a few breaks) and I'm looking for a high-top shoe to help prevent ankle rolls. Mark Stubbs Aliso Viejo, California

It sounds too good to be true: a star miler turned criminal goes to prison, links up with a legendary track coach, trains behind bars until his feet bleed, and earns a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. Is the real world ready for Jon Gill's dream?

Once the pleasure of a few professional masochists, grueling adventure sports are suddenly a national rage

Vowing to change the world of endurance running, where Kenyan athletes have been treated like indentured servants, a revolutionary band has established a base in a perfect green valley. And where is this magical place, this Vuleefore? In suburban America. Where George Washington slept. Where an enemy already guards its turf.