Race Strategy

Justin Cross
Racing can be a scary thing. Use these tips to make sure you're mentally prepared before the gun goes off in your next race.

The psychology behind why we get so nervous before a race and strategies for coping with the impending pain

New big-data study digs into hitting the wall in the marathon, revealing who is most likely to crash, when, and how much it will cost you.

Why marathon pacing is so hard, and how can you improve your ability to pace optimally and not to hit the wall hard during the 26.2-mile challenge.

5 facts about reducing training load and maintaining fitness as your marathon approaches. Plus, a proven 4-week marathon taper plan.

Word cues: a simple strategy to beat back negative thoughts and keep yourself focused on executing your race plan.

Don't just dominate the hills, conquer the whole course by running more strategically and finishing faster.

Debunking the myth that you are broken if you don't maintain contact with your competitors in a race.

The power of shifting from “I have to do this” to “Let’s see what I can do” in a race.

Here’s how to approach your first time toeing a race starting line since pre-pandemic times.

Almost 20 years later, a former collegiate miler revisits that old feeling once again — and walks away with an appreciation for the most honest event.

Rules, rules and more rules. In the Olympics, you have to do more than just run fast to reach the finish line.

How the 800m final at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials played out reveals tactical lessons for every runner

Research shows how you address yourself on challenging runs affects your performance.

Many races are coming back in 2021, but don’t expect to pick up right where you left off.

A test to predict what you could run in a mile race today, that doubles as a unique workout.

How six elite runners use their minds to optimize what their bodies can do in training and racing.

How much should you taper before a race? We detail the key elements that make for an ideal taper, and how not to botch it.

How to predict your race pace — and training priorities — at every distance from the mile to the marathon.

Runners who stopped their strength training retained the benefits for four weeks, and got faster.

Jenny Simpson's final race as a college runner was a fascinating example of how the mind can limit the body

How creating adaptable goals can keep us in the focus of Flow during the heat of hard running.

It's been a while since you pinned on a number. Three elite runners share strategies for a smooth return to competition.

If you want to net a goal performance in your next race, follow these racing guidelines from Pete Magill's book, "Fast 5K."

Anything can happen during a race. Having a strategy in place will make sure you're ready for it all.

6 Strategies to help you stay focused, dig deep and taste success when racing alone.

Time trials and virtual races present unique challenges and require new psychological tactics. Here's how to mentally master them.

Techniques for training your mind to get the most out of your body on virtual race day.

How to overcome the unique logistical and mental challenges of racing alone.

Six elite American runners share their training and strategy around a tune-up half marathon six weeks out from the marathon.

How to calculate the right half-marathon pace for your level of race fitness, plus workouts and strategies to ensure that you’re ready to run it.

Running the second half of a race faster than you run the first half is a proven formula for success.

Racing with a pre-determined goal pace fails to take into account race-day variables and will lead to sub-optimal results.

Sara Hall and Jared Ward both focus on: "Run the mile you're in."

Pushing the pace downhill is tempting, but carries a cost that negates any time gains. Here's why.

Coach Ben Rosario and elite runner Scott Fauble of the HOKA Northern Arizona Elite take us inside the decision to withdraw from an important race, with lessons for us all.

Scott Fauble and coach Ben Rosario give us an insightful look at the training leading to the Beach to Beacon 10K and the exciting race-day experience.

Research reveals ideal race temperatures and how to adjust your pace when it heats up.

3 tactical lessons from the distance races at the Brooks PR Invitational

Use these eight tips to perform optimally in hot conditions.

An elite runner comes to grips with training amid other life priorities and still racing hard even when the goal is to have fun.

Top American marathoners share how they deal with race-week concerns of excess energy, changing schedules and travel worries.

Scheduling two races close together can create rewarding new challenges but requires strategic training and a flexible, positive attitude.

Lessons from Millrose: Grant Fisher and Kate Grace Share Their Strategies for Toeing the Line with Confidence

What do top milers and top marathoners have in common? They both train consistently, year-round, and their fitness lets them race well at any time at almost any distance.

Different pacing strategies suit different personalities and racing situations—discover which works best for you

A checklist of training, nutrition and gear priorities during the hours leading up to your big race