How to think on challenging runs depends on your intention. Here’s what the research says.
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Tap your full potential with advice from professional coaches and athletes—and the inspiring stories of runners who refuse to be limited

Run regularly. Not too fast. Mostly trails.

10 motivational tips to get you out on the road or trail on days you just don't feel like running

Can the famous “base building” concept apply to your strength routine, too?

Three variations of the glute bridge to strengthen and and add power to your stride

July was officially the hottest month on record. We reached out to Phoenix runners to learn about how to adapt and train in sustained heat. 

Running fast is important, even for beginners and endurance athletes. Here’s why, plus four essential workouts to start.

Modern gadgets tell us more about our physiology and recovery needs than ever before, but how might this constant data bath might actually work against our training?   

This viral social media movement focuses on consistency over intensity, and it might help you recommit to a running routine

You can boost performance by tackling heavy blocks of training—if you avoid excess fatigue. Here’s how to walk the line.

Running volume is important, but how you structure your training might matter more

Injury to the Achilles tendon can be long-lasting. Here's how to diagnose, treat, and prevent it.

When you consistently stress the body and the mind, you are changing your chemical makeup. Here’s what the latest science tells us about burnout.

Four unconventional ways to manage chafing—and effective alternatives

Ten self-assessments every runner should be able to pass, plus the exercises that will get you there and make you a more resilient runner

While Jeannie Rice and Jenny Hitchings are busy setting masters world records, their differences in training are even more instructive than their similarities

Strengthen your foot core with these simple exercises to prevent injury, from your feet to your hips

Strava data scientists compiled numbers from Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run finishers, from 2018 to 2022, to help us investigate patterns behind successful finish times. Here’s what they found. 

These five red flags might be keeping you from running faster

When she broke her neck in a crash, the mountain biker was forced to face what she’d been unwilling to admit

This one trick can get you out the door and into a routine of consistency and health, whatever life brings

How much mileage should you be running? Two top coaches share helpful ways to think about the volume question so that you can find your optimal mileage number.

Social media influencers have started a trend of posting videos of them running long distances without training. Here’s why the science says it’s probably not a great idea.   

Running can give you a longer life, better sleep, improved immunity, mood, and more—it’s even good for your knees and lower back

A group of women who are out to make history, and upend how we think about competition in the process

The wild world of fastest known times includes crazy ideas, stunning successes, disappointing failures—and so much in between

To build endurance as a runner is to build “capacity.” But what does this look like? Strength running coach Jason Fitzgerald explains. 

We're only human, and bad races here and there are inevitable. Here's a crash course in honing your mind to mentally power through a tough day.

Is your heart rate high, even on easy runs? Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome might explain why. Here’s how to fix it.

Reaching for a new level will leave you feeling sore and blah—until the day darkness turns to dancing

Expert strength running coach Jason Fitzgerald wants us to keep our easy runs easy, but not forget the importance of workouts 

Olympian and veteran elite coach Mark Coogan’s central advice on making the most of your miles

A physical therapist details what usually brings runners into his office and lays out strategies to keep you injury-free

Bones are made of dynamic tissues that need stress, just not too much, says one of the world’s best ultrarunners

Everything you need to know about motivation, fulfillment, and achievement in this lifetime sport

Ten tips to kick-start your fitness at the start of the new year

And what does Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest tell us about the risks sports pose to an athlete’s heart?

Minimalist running will always be a topic for discussion, lively opinions, and varying advice. Take the time to educate yourself on whether it’s right for you.

Burnout can affect participants of any sport—including hiking. Here’s how to identify, prevent, and cure it.

An expert weighs in on why runners should go minimal—when they’re not running

I never expected to be taken off a flight on a stretcher and rushed to brain surgery. Here are some ways you can reduce your chances of the same fate.

In the wild world of endurance sports, recovery can feel like the last frontier

Do you turn into a real redhead when you run? Our expert says that may not be a bad thing...

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Stoko’s K1 is a revolutionary way to support your knees without the bulk of a traditional knee brace

Sharon Gayter’s closely monitored world record reveals insights on marathon fueling, pacing, and strategy

How to train your proprioception to more effectively control body movements and improve power, speed, agility, and durability

How well you can see your surroundings matters, but subtle gait changes also burn more energy

Follow our 12-week, effort-based plans to achieve your half-marathon goals and have a great race experience

Science-backed strategies to help you learn to accept racing discomfort and choose how you react to it

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Whether you’re after FKTs or just want to best your own PR, a holistic approach to wellness can help you reach your goals

An experienced physician and marathoner answers questions you’re embarrassed to ask about running and sex

A leading exercise physiologist suggests developing a top speed two times faster than your marathon pace for a “speed reserve.” Here’s how to improve yours.

A training plan and general principles to guide your first foray into longer ultramarathons

Don’t be confused by the diversity of running workouts. Learn the training zones they fit into, what type of fitness each zone builds, and how each feels.

Starting at five hours a week, this ten-week program will help you build endurance and jump-start your training this winter

Three types of training that will improve your speed, stride, and stamina, but won't burn you out.

Improve your running by integrating these strength, mobility and balance exercises into your daily routine—so you'll be sure to do them regularly.

Even those running less get faster in races when abiding by this golden ratio of training intensity.

Three pro tips to restore your childlike joy of running fast and make speedwork more enjoyable and effective

You can stay mobile even at home, counteracting hours of sitting with this plan of creative drills and work positions.

Aerobic capacity, not speed, is usually the limiting factor in how fast you can race, even for a distance as short as the 5K.

This short track session of 400-meter repeats will help you get fit fast. Here's a beginner and an advanced version.

Make sure to include these smart, specific workouts in your half marathon training to land you that PR.

Tips and examples on how to optimally schedule your runs throughout the week

Take a cue from the pros and add a few mobility and strength exercises each day to prevent injury and run better.

What type of weight training you should and should not do to improve your stride and make you a faster runner.

Chances are pretty good that you've experienced at least one of these "injuries." Yes, you can run through them.

Corno shares her mindful, relaxed training plan and the key workouts that have her feeling “scary good” going into the Boston Marathon.

This long hill in Falmouth, Maine, lets masters marathoner Michael Collin know he's ready for the marathon — especially Boston.

A new analysis of numerous studies sheds light on how, contrary to popular belief, running may actually build stronger cartilage. Here's what that means for training on arthritic joints.

A guide to help college students navigate the NIL sponsorships and NCAA ruling maze.

Rouse gets in 100-mile weeks around a busy schedule as she looks to PR and compete for the masters title at Boston.

A challenging, effort-based hill workout that takes you farther and farther — 'til you finally get to the top.

In large population studies, glucosamine-chondroitin, long taken to ease runners' joints, is linked to greater longevity.

Olympian Jared Ward details every mile, every workout of a week in the heart of marathon training.

Coach Carl details common mistakes runners make post-marathon and describes best practices for returning to training and racing.

Taking walk breaks during your runs is a proven method to go farther with less risk, whether you’re a beginner or an elite runner.

A trail crossing on top of a hill in the Florida forest provides a creative and challenging circuit workout for this masters ultra runner.

Learning from the best about how our bodies react to different stages of training and how to use that feedback.