How top runners are experiencing COVID-19 vaccine symptoms and adapting their training. Plus six doctor's guidelines.

Pro runner Max King offers tips, tricks, and helpful perspective.

Coach Carl explains how to combine all the training elements for the 5K into an effective plan.

Three things you should, and two things you should not emulate from your favorite professional runner’s social feed.

Strategy and smarts will get you through it.

Fine tune your training efforts by learning the specific ways each type of workout — steady state, tempo, VO2 max — should feel.

The neuroscience of running’s calming effects—and how to enhance them

In our final segment of this series, we spoke with three sports psychologists about how to prioritize mental health alongside physical health.

Coach Carl explains the critical importance of VO2 Max training for the 5K, and introduces "hammer" workouts you can use to maximize your race readiness.

This simple but challenging interval session hones control and toughness by kicking your butt if you get the pacing wrong.

We dive into the research and share the best and worst late-night snacking habits for when hunger pangs hit close to bedtime.

Specificity in marathon training starts with doing 5K-paced strides from week one.

What is plyometric training and how can it benefit you?

In Episode 12 of the Endurance Podcast, host Ian Sharman sits down with author and athlete Christie Aschwanden to discuss recovery techniques ranging from sleep to ice baths, massage to Tom Brady's pajamas.

Four fun and effective variations on 1,000m repeats to add some zip to your next speed-focused workout.

The psychological characteristics that lead to over-reliance on data, and 3 ways to teach yourself how to trust your own perceptions and judgments more than you trust your watch.

The hype of HIT has been around for years. Now we can also see the limitations. Here are nine rules for runners to use high intensity training productively.

Quicker recovery intervals help runners learn how to better deal with the byproducts of fatigue, along with other performance benefits.

A unique 1000-meter ladder workout you can do at almost any time in your training cycle for the 5K or 10K.

Author and yoga teacher Sage Rountree shares how yogic techniques of form, breath, and focus can help you maintain good form and presence of mind through your hardest hauls

This primer on a runner's favorite energizing compound breaks down exactly what caffeine is, common sources and some effects these sources have on the body.

Three challenging exercises that strengthen different functions of the hamstrings to reduce injury risk and improve running economy.

One of the simplest types of speed work, progression runs add variety and intensity to your training while requiring minimal recovery.

Coach Carl explains why you need to improve your lactate threshold and how to target it with creative 5K-specific workouts.

A sports scientist explains why our bodies seem to be working against us at times.

Insert some incline into your next interval workout.

The climate organization isn’t just about winter. Here’s why—and how—to make a difference.

Regardless what happens to your season, or what program you’re in, you can get better focusing on these two training elements and one key mindset.

What percentage of your running volume can you replace with other types of exercise and not have to adjust your goals?

Gone are the days of simple lifts with lots of reps. Today's weight training is about complex and integrative strength exercises.

Post-injury, follow this step-by-step plan with guidelines to evaluate what pain is okay to run through and what is not.

Why step-ups make you a more powerful runner, techniques and tips for how to do them, and two sample workouts

Coach Carl explains the importance of neuromuscular training for the 5K and how to easily integrate it into your runs.

Youth running popularity is growing, and while experts find no major issues, girls face higher health risks.

Camille Herron and Nate Jenkins dish on how to avoid injury and stay energized while maxing out your miles.

On Episode 11 of the Endurance Podcast, Ian Sharman sits down with exercise physiologist Samuele Marcora to discuss the importance of the brain and perceived effort on performance.

Do this next-level dumbbell circuit to improve core mobility and give you a more efficient, strong and powerful stride.

Despite what you may have heard, you do not need mega-mile weeks to thrive as a runner. Three elites offer advice on how to run your best with less volume.

Doing the work of even the smallest maintenance exercises does wonders for both body and mind.

Don’t sabotage the purpose of a workout by trying to nail the numbers. Here's how to trust and adjust to maximize each workout's purpose.

Just back from a run? Create a yummy post-workout routine using your favorite asana poses as cool down stretches. 

Six years ago, professional triathlete Linsey Corbin fractured her femur and it took 8 months to heal. Last year, the same injury took 8 weeks to heal. Here’s what changed.

If you're feeling constantly fatigued, tired throughout the day, or frequently experience mid-run weakness, it may be low ferritin levels. Here's what to do.

What is environmental justice, and why should trail runners care?

In the first of 6 episodes on the 5K, Coach Carl explains why now is the perfect time to target the 5K and how it will benefit your future goals.

Secrets of long-term excellence as a runner, from Nick Willis, Deena Kastor, and others who might qualify for an Elite Longevity Hall of Fame.

If you do no other warm-up, do this. Why and how every runner should spend 3 minutes before every run doing leg swings.

Finding your path is more than a cliché: It can help you reach your potential. Discover what purpose looks like and how to find yours.

Why and how runners should add indoor cycling to their training and proven workouts to build strength and speed.

5 reasons why you may want to try incorporating a pre-bedtime protein snack to aid your running performance and recovery.

How to use doubles and low-carb training to boost your glycogen storage ability.

Make sure your treadmill runs are both entertaining and productive with these three types of workouts.

5 next-level kettlebell exercises for runners that target your glutes, hamstrings, calves and feet.

A new science paper explores the subject at great depth, and concludes that it's possible, but not likely.

Key workouts and training strategies that helped Nick Willis run a sub-4:00 mile 19 years in a row, Steve Spence sub-5:00 for 43 years, and Harry Nolan sub-6:00 for 57 years.

8 exercises that will get your body ready to roll for a treadmill workout.

Irene Davis and Daniel Lieberman explain their views on how to reduce running injuries.

On Episode 10 of the Endurance Podcast, Ian Sharman sits down with author Matt Fitzgerald to discuss how being an "ultra realist" is essential to optimizing performance.

2:11 Marathoner Nathan Martin shares every mile of a week of his training as he looks toward a new spring goal.

Why it’s better to structure your training around the past, not what you hope to someday achieve.

5 training situations when it’s best to hit the treadmill, and a few pro tips on how to make it successful and fun.

This classic run workout is the elite's favorite.

Do these 13 exercises right in your living room or yard to build strength and improve your running form at home.

Why gliding on two planks is good for you, and which style is best.

How increasing the variety of gears you use in speed workouts can make you faster.

How trail runner Keely Henninger found her way back to running after injury gave her a reality check.

Steep hill sprints are a proven, specific-strength workout for runners that increases power, speed and injury resistance.

Know that you could have gone farther or faster (or both).

Don’t charge straight up the mileage mountain: Why you should alternate increases with plateaus and step-backs.

Why enjoyment is key to achieving your goals, and three strategies for making your training more fun.

Discover and foster goals that spark passion, excitement, and daily enjoyment through these science-backed mindfulness strategies.

The big data report is based on Fitbit-like measurements, not dubious questionnaires.

A former elite competitor who keeps reviving his running — even at 81 with two artificial knees — provides guidelines for goals when returning from setbacks.

3 Steps to make each run more meaningful and build mental skills while you train your body.

Understanding how the body adapts to stress helps us to know when and how to change our training.

There’s more to running life than PRs and finishing placements. It’s time to chase a new goal.

What science says about setting meaningful, internally motivating, and satisfying goals that are exciting but not overwhelming

Ben Preisner reflects on his near-perfect marathon debut, outlining four important tips for your first marathon, or your next.

Ultrarunning champion Krissy Moehl joins Ian Sharman on the Endurance Podcast to discuss what she has learned about training and racing ultra marathons.

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