Running up Heartbreak Hill builds strength and speed at the same time for the elite athletes of the New Balance Track Club.

Keflezighi talks about his career and his new book, which offers 26 takeaways for running 26.2 miles.

These static exercises target key muscles and prepare you safely for dynamic, explosive moves and better running.

Adopting a longer and more flexible training schedule can maximize each workout and reduce the risk of running injury.

Trust your body, your mind and your training over the data from specific workouts.

Enjoy running for a lifetime by cultivating flexibility, friends, persistence and appreciation.

We examine the benefits and science of infrared saunas, cryotherapy and float tanks.

An alternative to traditional tempo runs, over/under intervals provide a fun, effective workout on the roads or treadmill.

Why, and how, you should pamper and strengthen your feet.

Use the following three workouts as inspiration to burn a little rubber this winter and improve your speed, stamina and strength.

How explosive plyometrics will make you a faster runner, and nine exercises to build your bounce

Ready to achieve your next marathon goal? Not until you’ve done this workout.

More than half of all athletes will overdo it at least once in their running career. Use these tips to recognize subtle signs that you're approaching overtraining.

Target the hip abductors with these exercises to improve your stride, prevent injury and increase your running performance

Conventional wisdom about running contains a lot of falsehoods. This is the truth behind the top 10 running myths.

Studies show jumping in the pool may be more effective than rest to help you bounce back between running workouts

Add these bread-and-butter interval workouts to your running repertoire to boost speed and endurance.

The 10K doesn't just take endurance, it also takes speed. Here's how to prepare yourself.

Two simple exercises to strengthen the feet while stretching and mobilizing the plantar fascia and surrounding tissues

The average competitive runner runs 35.5 miles per week. Is that enough? Hint: Probably not.

A six-week guide to workouts that build the specific strengths and skills you need to crush your next 5K or 10K

The goal of endurance training should be to improve the ability to clear lactate from the blood. Here's how.

Your knee pain likely stems from weakness farther up the chain. Here's how to strengthen your hips, improve your stride, and save your knees.

The pros and cons of doing speed work on the track and on the road, and why you should mix in some of each

Four types of track interval workouts, their benefits, and how to optimally incorporate them into your training

Cultivate these characteristics to reliably perform your best regardless of the situation

Rowing works a lot more than just your arms—it also targets the glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, back, and shoulders, making it an excellent full-body cross-training option for runners.

Use these tips to make it easier to roll out of bed the morning after a hard workout

Some experts advocate quality over quantity. Others say the opposite. Who’s right?

Research says heel striking might not be as dangerous as we've been made to think

Here's what to ask your doctor about the pros and cons of antidepressants—and what to know about seeking treatment as a runner.

The strongest muscles in the world won't help if they're not activating properly during the running stride

Self-treatment tips to help you knock out the annoying pain in your foot from plantar fasciitis

These short bursts during a training run teach your body how to run faster and more efficiently

How runners can optimize their time and training during a short-term trip to altitude

This little-known injury is difficult to diagnose but can be debilitating. Here's what to look for.

Hal Koerner's guide to running your first 50K, including key intensity workouts and a 16-week training plan

A trail running champion explains how to train the strengths and skills you need to conquer mountain uphills and downhills

These tricks for running will get you out the door faster, keep you comfortable, and make training more convenient and consistent

Breathing techniques can help you maintain better focus, control your effort, and channel anxiety into positive energy

Whether you want to PR or just finish, this training plan can help you jump from a 5K to a 5-miler. Here's how to choose the proper effort.

Six lessons in perspective and attitude running has taught me

Practical ways to maximize the therapeutic anger management potential of your runs

Sometimes life commitments cause us to miss a run—or weeks worth of runs.

Coach Jason Koop explains that success at running an ultramarathon isn't about being fast, it's about preventing failures.

The number of weeks you need to train for a marathon depends on if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner. Here's a guide.

Runners who have it all together follow these simple and effective habits to become faster, healthier and happier

Everything you need to know about running safely and training effectively when summer temperatures spike

A progressive approach for transitioning to continuous runs

One group of antibiotics can weaken tendons, putting you at risk for injury

Medical experts explain what causes back pain during a run and how to treat it

Improve your performance and reduce your risk of injuries with these tips.

These workouts can keep you strong and mobile for that epic comeback.

Five exercises for improving strength in the posterior chain, the runner's propulsion powerhouse

Your weekly 20-mile long run might be sabotaging your marathon training. Here's why less could be best for you.

Details on routes, weather, fuel, and gear for tackling the rim-to-rim-to-rim challenge

Achilles tendinopathy is treatable — with the proper approach.

These Indigenous runners employ a simple but effective approach to running long distances.

It's normal to have differences in strength, flexibility, and coordination between left and right sides, but when does it become a problem?

A classic workout to build race-specific strength, endurance, and mental toughness

Adding anaerobic training—sprints, plyometrics, and weightlifting—to your regimen will increase speed, power, and running economy

This brainchild of French exercise scientist Veronique Billat may be the best workout you've never done.

Ankles are foundational for running and ankle injuries aren't as minor as we have been taught to believe

Two-mile repeats serve up a variety of benefits, whatever your training focus

Increase your mileage aggressively or conservatively depending on the situation.

Teach your legs how to change gears, and to run fast when they're tired and heavy with these two speed sessions

A classic drill to help make you a better runner by improving your running form, functional strength, and efficiency.

How far will your running strengths carry you on the court or playing field, and which sports will best make you ready to run well?

Do we really need special diets in order to increase our performance? As it turns out, best runners in the world eat remarkably similar to everyone else in their culture.

From bandit to taper, here are some words every runner needs to know

Two professional coaches and one of America's top marathoners share their best pre-marathon advice

Recovery schedules to guide your return to full training after a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon.

Avoid falling into the trap of going medium-hard all the time.

A study shows endurance athletes have chronically elevated cortisol levels—but is it dangerous?

Learn how to specifically target different muscle fiber types in your training.

Studies show less flexible runners are more economical, but there are other reasons to stretch

Expert advice on finding the morning run fueling routine that works for you

No fancy equipment needed — just your finger, a notebook and one minute a day

The easiest way to monitor your pace and effort has been around for decades—and it doesn't require any gadgets.

Training elevates important hormones, but too much stress can throw off an athlete’s hormone balance

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