Ford Rangers, Toyota Tacomas, and the like all make great adventuremobiles—with a little help

Any car can be an adventuremobile. Here's how.

Real-world experience in the hands of an expert who drives the Ranger off-road every single day

What you do with it is so much more important than whatever car you buy

And why that’s the best news possible for Land Rover lovers

Leaving the highway behind? Here's how to stay safe when driving gets adventurous. 

OnX Offroad opens up 985 million acres of public land with off-grid navigation

Make your next four-wheeled adventure more than an extra-long commute with one of these new vehicles

Spoiler alert: it's by far the most capable pickup truck ever made

It's not as off-road ready as the Sprinter, but it's miles ahead of its predecessor

Believe it or not, the brand and badges are irrelevant

The total package is just much more convincing than the Tacoma or Colorado, and probably more practical than the Jeep Gladiator

When a 4x4 influencer vandalized the state's magnificent desert landscape, it was really just the start of the problem

Is the massive rack-maker's investment in rooftop tents a good thing?

Safety, reliability, and capability, all in one (relatively affordable) truck

Electric power + a pickup = a match made in heaven in American consumers' eyes. But let's not get too excited yet.

Testing the addition of active suspension and semiautonomous off-road driving

The Cooper A/TWs are the only all-terrain tire fitted with a true winter rubber compound

An important PSA about driving safely in bad weather

Dirt bikes and 4x4s aren't nearly as bad for the environment as you might think. (Hear me out.)

Sure, it's brutal on the highway and mechanically unreliable, but that only adds to the sense of adventure, right?

It took the team a year just to figure out the 3,212-mile Arctic route

Never put a wrench on a truck before? Start here.

Do this and never die from dehydration in Death Valley

Everything you could possibly want to know about the various car-camping sleep setups out there. Plus, when to just use a freaking tent.

Keep this stuff in your 4x4 at all times

What all those buttons, levers, and knobs actually do in your 4x4

Vital knowledge for owners of any 4WD or AWD vehicle

These things from Go Fast Campers can actually go off-road

Big SUVs are a necessity for some families. Finally, they drive as well as they haul.

And how you can do it, too, for $120K less

The legendary Mercedes SUV gets softer and more manageable for more drivers

Move over, Tacoma. There’s an all-new Ranger in town.

Short film captures the former national monument’s unique value

The all-new 4x4 is the best Jeep Jeep has ever made

The all-new 2018 Wrangler will be more capable both on- and off-road

The new three-row car is the largest Subaru has ever made

Stuff you can add to your truck to make it better for off-road travel

The first car-based Range Rover honors the brand's off-road legacy, even though the on-road experience could use some improvements

Roomy, safe, fast, and affordable, full-size trucks are the ultimate adventure enablers

Cheap, bigger inside than a NYC apartment, and it goes off-road. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well...

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