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After experiencing loss, a new mother races through grief at the edge of the world

After a two-decade hiatus, the 'world's toughest race' returns at just the right moment—this time with Bear Grylls

One lap per hour for as many hours as humanly possible

The OSR10K in New York City is setting the standard for unsanctioned racing

Epic ultras in the Alps. An urban loop in running's most beloved city. High desert treks through the American Southwest. These are without a doubt the best runs on the planet.

Ultrarunner Hillary Allen took a life-threatening fall last year at the Tromso Skyrace in Norway.

The Trans North Georgia Bike Race is a 355-mile mountain bike race with over 55,000 feet of vertical cutting through northern Georgia from South Carolina over to Alabama.

I spoke with six of my co-competitors about their morning rituals, their love of coffee, and what motivates them to ride thousands and thousands of self-supported miles

Uberman, a SoCal ultra-triathlon with a 21-mile swim, a 400-mile bike ride, and a 135-mile run, might be the most demanding challenge of its kind. But in the eyes of its founder, the physical goal is secondary to the mental one.

Blame Danny is from filmmaker Aaron Peterson that features The Marji Gesick 100 which is a cross country mountain bike and trail running race held annually in Marquette, Michigan.

We switched up our dogsledding training plan and rode our way to dead last on a husky-powered bus. I loved every minute.

Nature writer and Explorers Club fellow Barry Lopez once wrote that Antarctica’s landscape “retained Earth’s primitive link, however tenuous, with space, with the void that stretched out to Jupiter and Uranus.” It is a place so alien and removed from civilization that, as Lopez put it, “the light itself is aloof.”

With over 7,000 meters of climbing, the heat and gradient make this mountain bike race incredibly challenging

Grayling, Michigan, is a small dot on some maps. The quaint tourist town is best known for its fly-fishing history and for being the epicenter of "up north" in the Midwest. Its other claim to faim: hosting a popular event that claims to be "the world's toughest spectator race."

Adventure in sport is a microcosm of the ups and downs you experience in life—here's how to work through it together

A lawsuit reveals the personal spat that brought an end to the iconic endurance event

An American mountain biker narrowly avoided drowning when he took a spill trying to cross a rushing river. Here’s what he did right.

  “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon,” Napoleon allegedly once said. Say what you will about his inherent cynicism, but the pint-sized conqueror knew what he was talking about. Today, runners continue to battle it out against themselves and others…

Thought those monkey bars were tough at your last OCR? Wait ‘till you see these.

Spanning nearly 350 miles across some of the most beautiful and rugged country in the world, the GODZone Adventure race is one of the most demanding events on the planet. Only 14 of the 52 finished the 2015 course. Feel their pain.

7 hot tips from the show’s ultimate competitor, Kacy Catanzaro

What do you get when you cross three former Navy SEALs, an attorney, degrees from Harvard’s business and Kennedy schools, and passion for the mountains? A brand new breed of eco-friendly obstacle race.

The Tough Mudder and Spartan Race champ is paving a new path through the sport

Mike Donoghue, the founder of Amphibious Medics, a private medical-staffing contractor for the nation’s largest events, including Tough Mudder and Spartan Race, offers his insider tips

Surefire energy comes with Hobie Call's delicious wheatgrass smoothie

Obstacle races are slowly supplanting 5ks as the Weekend Warrior’s activity of choice. But with so many choices how does one know which grueling crawl under barbed wire is the right one for them?

Obstacle-course racing is the nation’s fastest-growing sport, with millions of annual participants. It’s time to join the party with our handy guide to all things obstacle racing.

The pros share their secrets for tackling the sport’s most popular obstacles

The eight-week training plan for obstacle-course domination. PLUS: The Dos and Don'ts of race day gear

The obstacle racing phenom on how he stays fit to compete

Taking a close look at Avishek Sengupta’s death, and why water obstacles—not electric shocks—may prove to be the most dangerous

Is it therapy for a society deeply affected by the wars of our time, a renegade sport for rebels who can't stand rules and restrictions, or something else entirely?

Weekend gladiators are lining up in droves to risk hypothermia and electroshock in obstacle races by the millions and contributing to one of the fastest growing industries in our world

Pain is the name of the game at Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and other big obstacle-course races

The obstacle course craze is taking over America. This year some 1.5 million people will enter an event. But behind all the dirty fun is a nasty business and legal battle between entrepreneurs looking to cash in. Here, in a preview of Outside’s November cover story, is a glimpse at just how far they’ll go to sell you their brand of pain.

Medical malpractice is scaring physicians away from popular sporting events—and leaving racers facedown in the dirt

The masochistic sport of obstacle racing has exploded in popularity. Nick Heil tries to understand why so many are signing up for the misery.

When 34-year-old Hobie Call lost the Death Race this past August, he also lost his chance to win $100,000 for sweeping the Spartan Races. So why does he keep competing?

Big-city marathons, triathlons, and adventure races have never been more popular. Here's why it's time for you to line up for the starting gun, too.

Every year, thousands ofericans race. Very few of them win. All of them have a blast. Isn't it time you joined the party?

For multisport athletes like you, the trick isn't getting in shape. It's staying there. Here's how.

What's the best way to prepare for an adventure race? Eric Saint Joseph, Missouri

Go-fast gear for your next adrenaline-fueled run-climb-bike-hike-paddle through the woods

Fit should be synonymous with fun. So stop working out and start acting like a kid again. With help from fitness experts, pro athletes, and groundbreaking coaches, we'll show you how playing your favorite games leads to a lifetime of high-energy health.

You’ve done other books, right? Q: Warren, I really don’t think your new book is your first. It seems that I have a book about ski-bumming in Sun Valley that I…

Once the pleasure of a few professional masochists, grueling adventure sports are suddenly a national rage

With $100,000 for the winners, the world's most relentless teams, and a 138,000-vertical-foot Rocky Mountain course, the Subaru Primal Quest seemed poised to give big-time adventure racing a smashing return to U.S. soil. But then the race began—and all hell broke loose. A front-line report from the wildest, bumpiest game in the wilderness.

Adventure races have come into their own. Time to join the self-punishing fun and tackle your first one.

A major new resort opens in the affordable Great White North, where they apparently didn't get the word that skiing is dead

Using cutting-edge techniques, three young mavericks set out to tackle one of the hardest routes in the Himalayas

So is adventure racing pure competition, or just a grueling way to grab TV ratings?

Alaskan eccentric Trigger Twigg attempts the first winter ascent of the world's tallest face