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The photographer and filmmaker died Wednesday while attempting a flight near his home in the Eastern Sierra

'Day Dreamers,' from Fractal Film Co., is an ode to the women who aspire to adventure—and act on it

For aerial athletes, it's not unusual to come across birds while in flight, like the threatened bearded vulture

There are fewer unexplored places on the globe, but slackliner Scott Turpin is finding those spaces in the open air between two spires

Jeff Provenzano narrates a wingsuit flight that resulted in a $5,000 helicopter-rescue bill

Meet the slackliners who traversed the Rio Grande from Mexico to the U.S. 

‘Life On a Thread’ follows paraglider Brad Nicholas as he soars along the coastline of Conwy, in northern Wales

Cedar Wright and his flying mentor Nick Greece attempt to paraglide for 100 miles.

Shots from Above shares how an experimental aircraft leads Chris Dahl-Bredine to some pretty experimental photos. 

From filmmaker Dino Raffault and Red Bull, Moonline features aerial athlete and skier Valentin Delluc speed riding on a 20-meter LED-equipped parachute.

Steph Davis is an accomplished climber and BASE jumper, so on a climbing outing north of Moab, she combined both skills and made this short video. 

Red Bull and the aerialists at Soul Flyers linked up to pull off this insane maneuver—guiding their wingsuits into a plane's cargo hold.

Paragliding pilot Jean-Baptist Chandelier, travels the world to practice his craft above some of the earth’s most stunning landscapes.

In the fairy-tale-esque village of Ostrov in the Czech Republic, women are gathering to progress their skills in the sport of slacklining

Fraser Corsan hopes to glide through the air like never before. Here's how.

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For professional slackliner Mickey Wilson, the next adventure is wherever he can park the RV.

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