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The photographer and filmmaker died Wednesday while attempting a flight near his home in the Eastern Sierra

'Day Dreamers,' from Fractal Film Co., is an ode to the women who aspire to adventure—and act on it

For aerial athletes, it's not unusual to come across birds while in flight, like the threatened bearded vulture

There are fewer unexplored places on the globe, but slackliner Scott Turpin is finding those spaces in the open air between two spires

Jeff Provenzano narrates a wingsuit flight that resulted in a $5,000 helicopter-rescue bill

Meet the slackliners who traversed the Rio Grande from Mexico to the U.S. 

‘Life On a Thread’ follows paraglider Brad Nicholas as he soars along the coastline of Conwy, in northern Wales

Cedar Wright and his flying mentor Nick Greece attempt to paraglide for 100 miles.

Shots from Above shares how an experimental aircraft leads Chris Dahl-Bredine to some pretty experimental photos. 

From filmmaker Dino Raffault and Red Bull, Moonline features aerial athlete and skier Valentin Delluc speed riding on a 20-meter LED-equipped parachute.

Steph Davis is an accomplished climber and BASE jumper, so on a climbing outing north of Moab, she combined both skills and made this short video. 

Red Bull and the aerialists at Soul Flyers linked up to pull off this insane maneuver—guiding their wingsuits into a plane's cargo hold.

Paragliding pilot Jean-Baptist Chandelier, travels the world to practice his craft above some of the earth’s most stunning landscapes.

In the fairy-tale-esque village of Ostrov in the Czech Republic, women are gathering to progress their skills in the sport of slacklining

Fraser Corsan hopes to glide through the air like never before. Here's how.

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For professional slackliner Mickey Wilson, the next adventure is wherever he can park the RV.

From filmmakers Clair and August Popkin, Base Jumping Switzerland brings you into the mind of ex-military parachutist Jon Szylobryt.

Paragliding high above a beautiful landscape is already a bucket list item, but doing it alongside an Egyptian vulture might bump it up to the top of the list. Pioneered by Scott Mason, who has been training birds since he was ten, parahawking consists of a trained vulture or hawk guiding a paraglider through thermals or air pockets in the sky for long, bird-like flights.

Sean Chuma is one of the best aerialists in professional BASE Jumping. As an instructor, he's spent countless flights performing acrobatic maneuvers that he attributes to his love of superman.

Risky pursuits like BASE jumping offer a buzz better than any drug. New technologies provide the same rush without the danger.

We caught up with photographer Krystle Wright at 5Point Adventure Film Festival to talk about her first dive into filmmaking with, The Mysteries.

In 'The Mysteries', from photographer Krystle Wright and filmmaker Skip Armstrong, Wright seeks to make a dream photo into reality.

On Oct. 5th, Valery Rozov looked over the edge at 7,700 meters above sea level. He leapt over a huge glacier and flew by his old record set in 2013.

One man’s slightly deranged quest to Bodhi his way to a must-see YouTube clip

Rush Sturges is a jack of all trades; filmmaker, professional kayaker, and musician. With his kayaking films, he's taken viewers across the globe and back. But for the river he runs nearly every day, he had a special project in mind.

Acrophobia gives context to how one person can go from feeling an insane amount of fear regarding high altitudes to a flow state where all the senses are heightened.

On July 30 at approximately 5:45 p.m. local time, Hollywood stuntman and skydiving luminary Luke Aikins jumped out of a Cessna Grand Caravan airplane 25,000 feet above Simi Valley, California. It was the first time in his 18,000-plus skydives that Aikins, 42, with a wife and young son, did not wear a parachute.

A Hollywood stuntman who’s leapt out of planes for “Godzilla” and “Iron Man 3” will attempt his greatest, craziest feat yet—on live TV

Stunt woman Roberta Mancino jumped from 15,000 feet in a wingsuit over the Villarrica volcano, one of Chile's most active volcanoes

Jesse 'Tex' Leos jumped from 15,000 feet and had about 50 seconds of free fall

Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah is an annual highline event held each Thanksgiving in Moab, Utah

And Charles Lindbergh’s grandson thinks he’s found a quieter way to fly

Take flight with paraglider Théo de Blic in the French Alps.

At age 13, Martin Kristensen jumped out of a plane and realized there was no going back. Now a skydiving world champion, Kristensen learned to turn falling into flying, gracefully using his body like wings to dance with gravity. Through freediving, Kristensen is able to channel his energy into another form…

Highliners have to train their brains to overcome (or at the very least get comfortable with) their innate fear of heights.

Above All Else is a documentary from director Yali Sharon of Live Unbound that tells the incredible story of professional skydiver Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld. In 1992, Dan boarded a plane for a routine training jump. The plane crashed, killing sixteen of the twenty-two people onboard. Dan awoke from a…

In this short video from Runaways Production House, four friends plunge deep into Australia's Blue Mountains to rig the first highline across Kanangra Falls, roughly 730 feet above the ground. The steps that help each man walk across the line differ, but as one slackliner tells himself: “Calm…

"Take your worst turbulence experience in an airliner and make it three to five times worse. I wondered if I’d stay in one piece."

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