Agility and Balance

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Recent studies suggest that walking the webbing may boost balance, speed rehab, and keep your knees injury-free

Want to perform like a pro, even with the years piling up? Nick Heil got the deluxe treatment at Exos, a cutting-edge outfit that works with NFL players and soccer stars. He came out slimmer, stronger, and more focused—the perfect upgrade for anybody, at any age, who plays hard in the outdoors.

Pro skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa lets us in on his preseason training hacks

Up your fat-tire game with these tips from eight of the sport’s very best

Jumping rope is for serious athletes, and a weighted, travel-friendly set is for serious rope jumpers

The top three mistakes and how to fix them

To simulate the unpredictability of your sport, add elements of randomness—and downright chaos—to your exercise regimen

Boost reaction time and reduce clumsiness on the field with these expert moves.

Stop that lawnmower! Your urban backyard is packed with hidden performance-enhancing plants that can be tossed together to make an ancestral wonder meal.

Keri Herman only started skiing seriously in her senior year of college. Now she's an Olympian. Here's how she turned her late start into a competitive advantage.

The Super Bowl virgin on running hills, eating yogurt, and guarding Revis Island.

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