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After an extended break from competition, the masters champ has already broken a world record on the track this year. Here are four strategies she uses to run forever.

Outside columnist Brendan Leonard investigates his relationship to nostalgia, happiness, and type-two fun

These days I can break a record while finishing last. Some say they find me inspiring, but I often feel like a decrepit but willing old dog who gets a pat when he tries to chase his ball.

Sports medicine physicians are rethinking the relationship between damage to your body and how it feels

Change offered an elite athlete an opportunity to better understand herself—and what she still wants from her sport

The Olympic cyclist is proving that age really is only a number

When you confront your mortality on a regular basis, the shift in perspective can be profound

Aging doesn’t mean you have to stop getting stronger. Here we’ve provided training tips for continued improvement.

Doesn’t your dog deserve the best?

Work your balance and core strength with these functional exercises

When you start a new sport, everything will be hard, perplexing, and intimidating. But your brain will be on fire.

Our writer, a lifelong surfer, tries to find out

A spiral of injuries—and the attendant existential crisis—can be an opportunity to revisit the fundamentals

Maintaining the ability to hit top gear after your twenties is useful even for endurance athletes, and takes specific training

Four areas the ultrarunning champion is focused on as she moves further into the master ranks, plus expert advice on how to build your longevity in the sport.

Outside’s ethics guru on whether we should prioritize uphill or downhill traffic in the backcountry

A new study plots the progression of thousands of people following an ultra-minimalist training plan. The results are impressive—at least initially.

A former elite competitor who keeps reviving his running — even at 81 with two artificial knees — provides guidelines for goals when returning from setbacks.

Much more than fertility changes when menopause hits. Here's how to train through it.

If you train slower as you age, you are likely to lose performance at a greater rate per decade than if you train fast.

7 must-haves to keep your skin happy wherever you're headed

To mark the start of his sixties, Will Turner swam, biked, and ran 14,765 miles, many of which took place through iconic national parks and public lands. Here are the most stunning photos from his "races."

Jack English is the proud owner of an off-grid cabin nestled in California

In a few years, performance e-bikes will be common on tarmac

Artist Eric Bealer was living the remote, rugged good life in coastal Alaska with his wife, Pam, an MS sufferer, when they made a dramatic decision: to exit this world together, leaving behind precise instructions for whoever entered their cabin first. Eva Holland investigates the mysteries and meaning of an adventurous couple who charted their own way out.

Why a lifelong outdoor adventurer couldn't resist the siren song of fairways and greens

As Abdi Abdirahman aimed to make his 5th Olympic Team, the 43-year-old talked about friends, aging, career perspective and his training in Ethiopia.

Patricia Baker established multiple track-cycling records in her age group after taking a 20-year break from racing

The "sunk cost" effect, a false sense of confidence, and fading backcountry skills may all explain why

The controversial author and personal trainer shares his lessons from the outer limits of self-experimentation

Marathoners who have run sub-3 for 5 decades reflect the high end of human fitness and health, achieved through consistent, lifelong exercise.

Some of our favorite nonfiction authors dropped new books that explore everything from climate disaster to unusual acts of endurance

Swenson just summited one of the last unclimbed peaks in the world

She's the first person to summit all 846 thirteeners in the lower 48 and Hawaii

Biotech company Elysium Health just released an at-home DNA test that—supposedly—will tell you how well (or poorly) you're aging

In his new book, 'Lifespan,' celebrated scientist David Sinclair lays out exactly why we age—and why he thinks we don't have to

The world's most successful freeskier and Warren Miller film star says big-mountain fitness starts at home

John Olson has been on the water for nine decades—and he's still working

For his 50th birthday, photographer Jeff Johnson wanted to run 50 kilometers and climb 50 pitches in Yosemite

She's one of the most successful cyclists in U.S. history. And she's done it her way.

She's the first person to finish the Leadville Race Series and the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in a single season

The cliff diver competes against athletes half his age

Kids need more outdoor playtime, and one national nonprofit is helping provide families with just that

Kayaker Eric Jackson is still developing new tricks—and beating his kids in competitions

The 44-year-old Ironman competitor wakes up early—and we mean early—and only takes one rest day a month

Mary Davison didn't catch the thru-hiking bug until she was 60. Since then, she's completed the Appalachian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest trails, and is now adding the 6,800-mile American Discovery Trail to her list.

As you get older, setting goals—and reaching them—will look a little different

When you’re in your fourth decade, you’re still young enough to run a personal best. But it’s also the beginning of the end.

Although he retired from the World Tour in 2004, Shane Dorian isn't slowing down

The end was coming for Roany, a strong and beautiful horse who’d been at the center of Pam Houston’s life for 25 years. What she wanted for him was simple: a peaceful exit, lifted by the touch of human hands.

Hoffmeister is no stranger to long kayak trips—she's already paddled around Ireland, Australia, and South America

Last year, Dykes set the marathon record for his age group—only to find that it didn't count. But he's not giving up.

I'm older than I was, but younger than I will be

Once again, science says that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are really good for you

The Twitter CEO only eats between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. You definitely should not emulate his habits.

Enjoy running for a lifetime by cultivating flexibility, friends, persistence and appreciation.

At a certain point in life, it’s not ethically possible to cheat

A fast-mimicking program called ProLon claims it can

After adopting a meditation practice a decade into his career, Knox is near the top of his athletic game

Pioneering scientist Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks to Tim Ferriss about smarter approaches to popular lifestyle interventions

Being outdoorsy is not without its risks. If I could travel through time, here's some of the advice I'd give my (seemingly) immortal and (definitely) ignorant 20-year-old self.

On the harder-to-measure benefits of age and experience

Floods of people coming out of the city looking to save have positioned the suburbs for renewal

In 2015, in a secret medical procedure carried out in Bogota, Colombia, the 44-year-old woman got dozens of experimental gene-therapy injections. Why? Because Parrish, the creator of a longevity company called BioViva, believes that science is on the cusp of delivering radically longer lifespans—and she wants to help bring on the revolution.

Getting older doesn't have to keep you from setting new PRs

We asked ex-Olympian, coach, and elite Masters runner John Henwood for his advice

Why do some of us flame out in our thirties while others are still racing in their sixties? And how can we reverse the effects of getting older?

It's never too late to race the 26.2. You just have to know how to prepare.

You don't have to lift less as you get older—you just have to make a few adjustments to your training

Being old doesn’t mean you can’t be fast. Just ask two-time Olympian Anthony Famiglietti.

'Play On,' a new book from journalist Jeff Bercovici, explores how aging elite athletes stay at the top of their game

You'd think the fittest men and women on the planet would outlive the most sedentary ones. But you'd be wrong.

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