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The right combination of power, finesse, and comfort

This season’s best for climbing up and ripping back down

A fur lining might seem like overkill on a ski boot, but contributor Kelly Bastone defended the Pure Elite because of its other high-performing features. “It was also the warmest boot I’ve ever owned,” she wrote. Under the fluffy trim, it has a moldable wool liner.

Advice on everything you need, from boots to a ski jacket to layering

The year’s best powder hounds

The season’s backcountry boots demand to be pushed to the limit

Comfort and performance in a lightweight package

Backcountry boots are stiffer and more powerful than ever.

The most exciting new products from the country's largest ski trade show

Boots don’t have to be torture devices. Here’s what to look for when buying your next pair—plus seven of our favorites.

It can be a lengthy process, but it's worth the time and effort to get right

Top performers for the ups and the downs

Flex, lasts, and liners matter. But above all, buy the one that feels good.

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