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Journalist Jon Mooallem’s new book, ‘This is Chance!,’ revives a decades-old story about an Alaskan radio journalist and the biggest earthquake you’ve never heard of—and gives us something to consider when the world is unsteady

The documentary 'Safety to Nome' follows 26 competitors racing 1,000 miles across the Alaskan tundra on foot, bike, or skis

Starting today, Alaska Airlines' latest fare sale tackles two of the greatest obstacles to seeing the northern lights—price and timing

After tragedy followed Hugo Sanchez from El Salvador to Canada, he started photographing the northern lights, finding a new sense of purpose in the wintertime sky

Marin Sardy's first memoir is a thoughtful, sometimes heartbreaking look at life with her brother and mother, who both suffered mental illness

Chia-Chia Lin's highly anticipated debut novel follows a Taiwanese American family struggling on the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska

Nothing completely prepares a rookie for mushing a thousand miles across Alaska in the dead of winter. But when it comes together—thanks to your dogs, your friends, and your own hard work—it's magic.

Our favorite places to live could look a lot different in 2080, according to a new study

Our northernmost state is also the most vulnerable to climate change

This lavish mountain hut in the heart of Denali National Park may be perched on a razor’s edge, but its real thrill is access to endless adventure

Here you can send it right from the road

The Alaska senator is gambling with America's most pristine lands—and winning

Every July Fourth, hundreds of racers descend on Seward, Alaska, for one of the most difficult short-distance races on the planet—3,000 feet up, and then straight back down Mount Marathon

Bear spray, plus a few other simple precautions, should keep you perfectly safe

Presenting the best burgs on the planet

Professional musher Aliy Zirkle was prepared for the minus-50-degree temperatures and the brutally long distances of the Iditarod. What she didn't expect was a midnight attack by a snowmobile-riding stranger halfway through the 1,000-mile course.

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