What does it take to make the list? Being a winter Olympian, Tour de France rider, or world-class climber helps.

As the country's second most popular park turns 100, Grand Canyon faces an unprecedented number of existential threats. Eight experts weigh in on the major changes it will undergo during the next century.

Mystery of Now features artist and Apache Skateboards founder Douglas Miles as he empowers youth in his community through skating

The movers and shakers inspiring positive change in the outdoors

Grand Canyon National Park is turning 100 in 2019. Here's how to make the most out of a visit, from hiking to boating to biking to camping and so much more.

The route patches together portions of five other thru-hikes and includes sections of trail-less meandering through the Sonoran and Mojave deserts. It's no wonder that only one person has ever completed it—yet.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will offer up nearly 4 million acres of public lands for lease this year, much of it for dirt cheap

There are 128 National Scenic Byways across the country. Here are five of our favorites.

From day trips to five-month treks, hiking is more popular than ever. But as the old standbys become more congested each year, there’s a new crop of trails waiting to be explored. Here are ten of our favorites, plus fresh finds for bikers, paddlers, and equestrians.

Golf courses! Water parks! Man-made lakes! If Utah has its way, the retiree oasis of St. George will explode with growth, turning red rock to bluegrass and slaking its thirst with a new billion-dollar pipeline from the Colorado River.

Amid a frenzied conversation over shrinking public lands, Native Americans run hundreds of miles to honor—and take back—the land that's sacred to them

A new study polled western voters' views on the interior secretary, Trump's public lands agenda, and downsizing Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante

About 200 people were evacuated by ATV and helicopter last week from a campground near the iconic falls

Seven lovely destinations, from Florida to Arizona

Holly "Cargo" Harrison survived a heart attack and a grizzly bear attack and now holds one of the most substantial FKTs ever

HBO's sci-fi western takes place in some of TV's most epic filming locations, from California's Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes of Utah

They're comfy, look good, and will last a decade. But we bet you knew all that already.

He reversed an Obama-era order that raised hourly pay to $10.10, but few in the guiding industry—including guides—are complaining

Before her death last November, Katie Lee spent half a century working to restore Glen Canyon, a lost place that was even more astounding than Grand Canyon

New Mexico's Bandelier National Monument holds clues to what may happen to forests affected by massive fires

A new Outdoor Industry Association report details outdoor rec spending by congressional district. Lawmakers should take note.

A minute-by-minute account my attempt to run across the Grand Canyon—twice

Kaitlyn Boyle smashed the women's record for the AZT300, while Kurt Refsnider reclaimed the record for the 760-mile AZTR

Like many beautiful, accessible natural attractions, Arizona's Horseshoe Bend has become too popular for its own good. Is it too late to protect it from hordes of Instagram obsessives?

That fact was made painfully clear Sunday night when an autonomous Volvo XC90 hit and killed a woman who was walking her bike across the street in Tempe, Arizona

From landscape filmmaker Jay Worsley, Ethos features some incredible drone footage from Arizona, California, and Oregon.

From better casings and increased sidewall protection to varied compounds for better grip and new sizes, rubber for the road and the trail is improving

Five reasons our bike editor loves the Arizona city, from its rocky trails to its warm weather to its great beer

Arizona's Mt. Graham was always there to climb. We just had to stop and do it.

Remote, empty spots to pitch your tent in peace this summer

In back-to-back days, Michaela Kiersch and Paige Claassen secured the first and second female ascents of Necessary Evil, a 5.14c in Arizona

The Alaska senator is gambling with America's most pristine lands—and winning

Companies focused on resource extraction now have access to huge chunks of the former national monument

A new poll of eight Western states reveals that most people are actually on the same page about public lands, renewable energy, and the importance of outdoor recreation

In Arizona, the Verde River was running dry, so Kim Schonek devised a plan to save it with the help of everyone's favorite malted beverage.

A semi-detailed list of everything we know (and we still have plenty of questions) about possible public land closures starting tomorrow if the lights go out for the feds

From filmmaker Pete Mcbride, Dust in the Blood chronicles McBride’s attempt to thru-hike the Grand Canyon with writer Kevin Fedarko.

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For mountain bikers Scott Countryman and Alex Pavon, the incredible network of mountain bike trails and broad community of fellow riders are the reasons they're proud to call Flagstaff home.

Who cares how you funded your nice van or thru-hike? What matters is that you're spending time outside.

The Story of Place from The Grand Canyon Trust follows filmmaker Ace Kvale, writer Craig Childs, and Zuni tribe member Jim Enote. They’re on a journey to help elucidate this region’s cultural significance in order to protect it from resource extraction. 

We know a thing or two about the Southwest—our offices are located in Santa Fe, after all. So trust us when we say that these radar-ducking adventures are full of hidden rivers and otherworldly canyons. Just don’t pass it on.

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