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Four recent books explore other moments in the past 100 years when global events intersected with the Games

At the U.S. Olympic Trials, amateur runners have nothing to lose

If the qualifying standard gets harder, will it dissuade runners from aiming high?

With over 1,300 feet of climbing, the race will favor "grinders"

Snag some major airfare discounts on your next trip

Four urban centers that have all the makings of an epic adventure town—without the hype

Is this the death knell for dockless e-bike shares?

Presenting America’s new adventure capitals

When you take former sex-trafficking victims into the wilderness for a few days of roughing it, know this: they’ve seen worse. Florence Williams goes on a trip organized by Atlanta-based She Is Able and learns that one size of adventure therapy does not fit all.

Here are some innovative ideas towns and cities across the country have adopted to make the world a better place, one mile of singletrack at a time

The city has taken a turn toward smart development, livable neighborhoods, and high-energy amenities.

The creators of a new kind of driving range are betting that loud music, tons of booze, and an addictive point system will make golf cool again

Gone: The days of treadmills shoved into ugly hotel closets. Here: The hotel gym you wish you could take home.

Pounding out miles on stoplight-strewn streets and past convenience stores quickly loses its luster. Whether you’re commuting or training, here are ten urban trails in the U.S. that offer scenic views and traffic-free paths to keep your run enjoyable. Atlanta Beltline Georgia’s Beltline cinches its…

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