These lightweight, super-packable water wickers deserve a place in your travel bag

Last year we featured this bike, calling it “the ultimate toy for big kids.” Now it’s going to be used by law enforcement.

We're all for trashy novels, but if you want something a little different, may we suggest gossipy surf memoirs and musings on the wellness industry?

It was 1994 and writer, director, and photographer Jeff Johnson was a lifeguard on Oahu when 30-foot waves started detonating on the reef.

These are sturdy enough to take on any adventure and comfortable enough to wear every day—but they won't cost you an arm and a leg

Warm weather has officially arrived, and we’ve got your plan: the most stunning beaches for surfing, casting, lounging, and exploring

A four-year battle over a tiny patch of river beach in Northern California—between two middle-aged guys with way too much time on their hands—illustrates the deep divide in how we perceive access rights to public lands

Depending on the vote Tuesday, some products from big names like Banana Boat and Coppertone could soon be missing from shelves in the Aloha State

Got a job you can do from anywhere? These eight international adventure towns and cities welcome you.

Five times the size of Texas, the country offers a stunning array of options for getting lost. Here are eight of our favorite escapes.

Remote, empty spots to pitch your tent in peace this summer

From rafting whitewater to glamping among the sheep, these adventures will keep everyone happy

Swap ice and cold for sand and sun

Whether you want to dedicate a few hours or a few weeks, here's how to give back on your next trip

Why one couple couldn’t keep a secluded Caribbean island to themselves

You don't have to strike it mega-rich to have access to an amazing private island—but it helps

The best flip flops for under $50

The ultimate rules-free weekend date

The perfect summer day in this California beach town

From filmmaker Taylor Gray, Clearly Coastal is a drone journey along the coast of Oregon.

Craving sun and sand on the Atlantic? These beach towns offer that and more.

There's so much more than sunbathing at these eight spots

Make the most of summer with these 48-hour ­adventures, from surfing in Texas to tasting your way through Oregon’s wine country

In our ongoing Weekly Escape series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in two minutes or less. In this week's installment, videographer Matt Vasquez traveled to Point Lobos State Park in Carmel, California.

These six remote beaches are worth the effort it takes to get there

Five adventures that don't involve ski resorts

Wander to Washington highlights a remarkable road trip taken by Jeir Lazo and Guada Melicor.

In our ongoing Weekly Escape series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place.

How to build a huge fire while staying on the right side of the law

Baja: The ultimate weekend escape. And it’s way easier than you think to get here.

Need to thaw out? Here are beaches worth visiting this winter.

Nothing more than a zipper and some mesh separate you from the dreamy, maritime air if you set up camp on these seven beaches

The city is a club-kid magnet. But abundant sunshine and a growing active community have attracted a new crop of hyperfit young professionals who aren’t here to party but to play.

Escape the boardwalk at these 6 bike-friendly towns

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