In ‘Ice and Palms,’ skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck set out from their homes in Germany to bikepack 1,118 miles to Nice, France

New Mexico lawmakers in pursuit of tourism dollars could help push the niche sport into the mainstream, as well as boost visitors to one of the country’s great, overlooked long-distance routes

Artcrank is a collection of bike-inspired art created by independent artists. The styles of the posters available are as varied as your imagination. We dig this two-color screen print from artist Amy Jo, who was inspired by a kids’ toy she saw at an art show. Each poster has a…

This film, ‘Not Out of the Woods,’ has it all: back-door adventures, amazing parenting, and bikes

In southwest China, high in the Sichuan province, three peaks stand higher than the rest

The style-centric bike apparel brand is branching out to saddlebags and even an insulated sleep system

‘Elements Iceland’ features a group of friends on a bikepacking trip through Iceland.

'Yorkshire Grit' features cyclists Tom Hill, Beth Hodge, and Alex Moloney as they explore the amazing roads through the English landscape.

These sites will inform, entertain, and inspire the hell out of you, whether you're at your desk or on the train to Chamonix

One writer finds equal doses aspiration and inspiration in a stylish new crop of recipe collections

Whether you're wondering what an outdoorsy life with a young child looks like or just want to see some really cute babies, you should get to know these families sharing their journeys through organizations and social media

Slacker, more capable, but still plenty lightweight, XC bikes are finally becoming fun to ride—again

Getting an entire camping kit to fit on your bike is no easy task. Here’s how to store your gear for multi-day bike rides.

Lauren Geoghegan and Jay Austin were riding around the world when they were killed in a brutal attack

'The Silk Road,' from bikepacking company PedalEd, showcases the route of the upcoming Silk Road Mountain Race.

There’s still joy in riding a bike that’s out of style

Watch to see what you'll need before heading out on your first bikepacking trip. 

It's easier than ever for cyclists to pick a route and get out the door. Is that a good thing?

Pro Skier Brody Leven takes us on a four-day solo bikepacking adventure through the gravel backroads of Montana. 

I put Trek's newest gravel bike to the test on a 180-mile bikepacking trip through the Sonoran Desert. Here's how it held up.

'The Fun Suffer Divide' chronicles the journey of three cyclists as they traverse a section of the Continental Divide Trail.

Take a page from Lael Wilcox's playbook and go long

Who cares how you funded your nice van or thru-hike? What matters is that you're spending time outside.

The Trans North Georgia Bike Race is a 355-mile mountain bike race with over 55,000 feet of vertical cutting through northern Georgia from South Carolina over to Alabama.

Wouldn’t you like to get away? To a place where you can be pampered and just relax? Of course you wouldn’t.

One of the more time-consuming challenges of public-land Airstreaming? Locating good sites. This app helps.

In the first chapter of Blackburn Designs film series, Water Cycle, Brian Ohlen bikes around the west coast in search of Steelhead.

This teepee-style structure is bomber and brilliant, great for bikepacking or just regular backcountry exploring

Our correspondent heads to Bears Ears National Monument to find out

This segment of the bike world is growing rapidly, so we called in all the new stuff and took it camping in the New Mexico backcountry

From filmmakers Tyler Allyn and Cooper Lambla, The Al Hajar Traverse is a bikepacking journey through the Al Hajar Mountains on northern Oman. Nothing went according to plan.

Rawland, a tiny company in the Pacific Northwest, is building the quirkiest, most entertaining bikes we've seen in a while

From Yeti Cycles and Filmmakers Joey Schusler and Craig Grant, High Altitude Lines bring us along on a fly-fishing and mountain biking adventure through the San Juan high country.

Cycling is in my blood, and to me it always meant two wheels—until now.

Here's the kit one of the country's most ambitious FKT chasers uses when he heads out into the backcountry

Innovation from the bottom up

Eric Porter has lived in Utah for 12 years now and in that time he's developed a few favorite trails like the Thunder Mountain Trail. However, for this trip with Kurt Gensheimer, they decided to connect this favorite trail with a few they'd never ridden before.

The best part of tax season? Getting a return and splurging on gear.

hen you feel the call of the sea as much as bikepacker Erkki Punttila it just makes sense to drive your boat to an isolated island.

Brody Leven along with KT Miller and Joey Schusler bikepack their way across the Lofoten archipelago.

More and more bike companies are selling road bikes built to be ridden on dirt roads. Are they marketing hype or the future of cycling?

In Wyoming's Great Red Desert lies a stretch known as the Great Basin. In this video, Brigham and Hawkins trek out in these harsh conditions to conquer the trail.

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