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Go all in on every ride with one of these capable rigs

This bike is a big alloy coil-sprung 29er for those who don’t like big alloy coil-sprung 29ers (and also for those who do, too)

Each one is a reflection of our society—for better or for worse

Fifteen riders and five alternates have been selected to compete in the 20th year of the big-mountain freeride competition in Virgin, Utah

Think hotels with bike washing stations and retreats with spin classes, all located near miles of empty singletrack

Our ten-year-old ripper tests the pedal-assisted Woom UP 6 to find out

A case for pedaling a step-through bike

Kai's cycling roots run deep starting with his mother, Paula Lenny, a Pinarello athlete who was the Oregon amateur state champion in 1986.

A bevy of mapping apps exist to track and plan trips for different outdoor activities. Here’s the best one for running, cycling, hiking, backpacking, climbing, and skiing.

Amity Rockwell says, “Cycling is this thing I’m never going to figure out,” which helps remove the pressure of winning Unbound

With endless rain and a half-drowned camera, all Jack Davies and his friends could do was laugh at the type-two fun

Through Get It in Cyclists, Anthony Carter is doing the work of bringing young cyclists of all abilities into the sport

How to buy your first bike, grill, paddleboard, sleeping pad, and more

Our ethics columnist on the right and wrong way to share the trail this summer

That brand-new 2021 model may be hard to come by these days, but the used bike market has endless inventory. Here’s why old bikes rule.

With the help of some experts, one woman goes on a quest to get back on two wheels.

A special 30-day series celebrating nonprofits working for LGBTQ+ inclusivity

A genre-defining trail bike is now even more versatile—and even more fun

An ode to the sweet, airy joy of riding in a T-shirt, and the shorts that make it possible

Why this long-time cyclist is still in love with mechanical

Wade Moriss and Stefan Griebel don’t consider themselves fast runners or climbers. But when you combine the two, they are a powerhouse.

Bike design is evolving so you can go farther and faster

Josie Fouts’s story is the beginning of the bicycle industry’s evolution to include all bodies

Riding bikes is easy. Keeping bikes is the hard part.

Thankfully, at least two congressmen agree, which is why your next e-bike could be as much as $1,500 cheaper

‘Girls Gotta Eat Dirt’ isn’t your typical #inspirational stoke video

It’s an affordable piece of gear that makes rides more carefree

It provides climbing and descending performance in equal parts

Tourism and marquee events may face a boycott unless the cycling establishment can find an effective way to respond

Pre-owned gear is easier on the planet and your bank account

Tested for style and durability, these tops can handle anything coming down the trail

It’s going to be another crazy year for bike shops. Get ahead of it to ensure your ride is ready to go.

A van-based bike shop has been driving around the Navajo Nation for the past six months repairing hundreds of kids’ bikes

When faced with the decision to take racing to the next level, Colin Strickland chose his own path

Sleep in a Navajo Nation earth home, a vintage camper, or a dome tent, all just a short drive to the South Rim

Photographer Shaun Price captures images of a project to build a mobile bike repair center during COVID-19

Activity and sales data suggest that there are still more cyclists than ever before

Here are the products that got us over the 2020 finish line

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