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It seems like a sin of omission not to help a new cyclist learn the basics of flat repair, since a puncture is often the difference between a few minutes of roadside futzing and waiting for a car ride home

Everything from sustainable soft goods to thermoplastic wheels and frames

The case for modifying a cheap commuter bike instead of buying the newest, fanciest ride

Or: what to do when arguing with strangers

Is your home filled with rusty cassettes, threadbare Lycra shorts, and butyl tubes awaiting repair? Columnist Eben Weiss knows what to do with your used bike junk.

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Bikes today perform better than ever, but many are too sophisticated for home mechanics. What’s being lost?

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Trek’s latest e-road bike comes gravel capable and motor-assisted up to 28 miles per hour for road speed

My e-cargo bike isn’t about exercising; it’s about bringing joy back into mundane activities

Shorts and liners that work for more riders

Find out what tweaks Santa Cruz made to this cult classic

This central California park is one of the hottest, driest, and lowest places in the country. It's also one of the most beautiful—a place where sculptural canyons, undulating sand dunes, abundant wildlife, and a luminous sky abound.

The items that got our writer through the Steamboat Gravel Black Course

Whatever your reason for considering an EV—your wallet, the environment, or practicality—adding an e-bike is a far better choice than replacing your current car

Mountain bike technology is always evolving—but it is all in the right direction?

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The Cannondale Topstone Carbon 1 RLE is a gravel bike for mountain bikers who like to ride roads

The bereaved Steinsapir family is suing Rad Power Bikes after a tragic accident

Those iconic bulbous boulders, lucid skies, and namesake trees are mere backdrops to a Californian desert playground filled with jaw-dropping vistas, dynamic hiking trails, and that famous grippy rock. Here’s everything you need to know to explore it.

Jody Rosen combines his acuity as a pop-cultural critic and his passion for the bicycle in his new book ’Two Wheels Good: The History and Mystery of the Bicycle’

All helmets sold in the U.S. are subject to the same standards, so why should you pay more?

It’s easy to fall for the bells and whistles, but the hardtail wins with its affordability, versatility, and simplicity

From the park to the podium, the Privateer 141 does it all

Rigs to put a smile on anyone’s face

These motor-equipped rides are both fun and functional

These rigs impressed us with fresh design

A recent climate commitment pledge among leading cycling brands conjured an unexpected feeling in our Bike Snob columnist—empathy

Our sibling titles Pinkbike and Beta teamed up for a value-oriented field test in Tucson, Arizona. Here are the results.

The company’s first try took forever to release and wasn’t perfect. Will the new system live up to the hype?

The Makita 18V LXT lithium-ion cordless inflator makes traditional pumps a thing of the past

Matej Mohoric used a dropper seatpost to win Italy’s Milano-Sanremo road race, and then declared that the traditional mountain-bike component is “the future of cycling.” Here’s why that matters for you.

Hello bike noises, my old friend

Whether you’re mountain biking or just commuting around town, a few key parts will keep you riding, regardless of the elements

Reserve’s Fillmore is a modest innovation with big potential to make life easier for cyclists

With used car prices through the roof, it’s time for cyclists to put our money where our mouth is

There’s the pathological response, and there’s the reasonable one

Gains in aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness come at the cost of some rider choice and equipment resilience

Cyclists who love the Dark Crystal Trail, located in Whistler, British Columbia, have Scott Veach to thank for its creation

They might not be the epitome of cool—or are they?

Is it the most underrated month of the year?

Rigs we want to pedal all year long

A 16-year-old in Texas drove into a group of cyclists in Waller County, Texas. Should he have been behind the wheel in the first place?

Red tape is the new bar tape

Before enlightenment, get on and pedal. After enlightenment, get on and pedal—but we do pass through several transitional phases along the way.

The Century earned a high safety rating in Virginia Tech and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s lab test—that’s what makes it a solid choice for cyclists who have protection as their biggest priority. “It’s one of the most versatile helmets for riders who race,” wrote tester Berne…

Go all in on every ride with one of these capable rigs

This bike is a big alloy coil-sprung 29er for those who don’t like big alloy coil-sprung 29ers (and also for those who do, too)

Each one is a reflection of our society—for better or for worse

Fifteen riders and five alternates have been selected to compete in the 20th year of the big-mountain freeride competition in Virgin, Utah

Think hotels with bike washing stations and retreats with spin classes, all located near miles of empty singletrack

Our ten-year-old ripper tests the pedal-assisted Woom UP 6 to find out

A case for pedaling a step-through bike

Kai's cycling roots run deep starting with his mother, Paula Lenny, a Pinarello athlete who was the Oregon amateur state champion in 1986.

A bevy of mapping apps exist to track and plan trips for different outdoor activities. Here’s the best one for running, cycling, hiking, backpacking, climbing, and skiing.

Amity Rockwell says, “Cycling is this thing I’m never going to figure out,” which helps remove the pressure of winning Unbound

With endless rain and a half-drowned camera, all Jack Davies and his friends could do was laugh at the type-two fun

Through Get It in Cyclists, Anthony Carter is doing the work of bringing young cyclists of all abilities into the sport

How to buy your first bike, grill, paddleboard, sleeping pad, and more

Our ethics columnist on the right and wrong way to share the trail this summer

That brand-new 2021 model may be hard to come by these days, but the used bike market has endless inventory. Here’s why old bikes rule.

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A special 30-day series celebrating nonprofits working for LGBTQ+ inclusivity

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An ode to the sweet, airy joy of riding in a T-shirt, and the shorts that make it possible

Why this long-time cyclist is still in love with mechanical