Designed to fit in a back pocket, this is one of the best-selling and highest-rated small U-locks on Amazon. Made of 14-millimeter hardened steel, it’s only 5.5-inches wide and weighs just over two pounds.

Ever seen a lock and thought, This would make a nice belt? Us neither. But for quick and easy deployment when you’re hopping on and off the bike, the Spin wraps comfortably around your waist. The chain inside the nylon sheath is six millimeters thick, so bolt cutters could make…

It doesn’t get much lighter than the Z Lok, which is essentially a burly zip tie with a steel core. It’s not going to keep your bike safe all night long in, say, Manhattan, but it’s great to have in your pack for times when you want to lock your…

Kryptonite is the most trusted name in bike locks, and its Keeper 712 offers a balance between cost and protection. This chain sits inside a weather-resistant nylon sleeve and requires a four-digit combo to unlock. Its manganese steel isn’t light, but rest easy knowing your bike probably isn’t going anywhere…

From cross-country to enduro, 29ers are dominating the trail. Again.

Slide the 13-millimeter-thick KryptoLok around your back tire and chainstays, then loop the included cable through the frame and front wheel before hooking it to the U-bar and clamping the whole thing shut. The entire system looks damn near unbreakable and can ward off all but the most determined thief.

Every year we gather dozens of bikes and expert testers to put the newest models through their paces. Here are some snapshots from our fall session in Grand Junction, Colorado.

In pursuit of the most accurate results, we equipped all 50 rigs in our 2019 test with Enve hoops and Maxxis rubber. Here's what we learned.

The fitness media company has been gearing up for a public offering since last year

Bring less than you think you'll need, and put it back where you found it

Last July, then 28-year-old Alexandera Houchin won the women's Tour Divide, a 2,745-mile race from Canada to Mexico over the Continental Divide. Next on her list? The new Dirty Kanza XL, a 350-mile unsupported race across Kansas.

These kids today...riding bikes? In the streets?? The horror!!!

Our cycling columnist said he’ll “never go back” to other hitch models after testing the Backstage Swing Away. “It’s no overstatement to say that for truck and van owners, the swing-away design will make life a lot easier,” our tester said.

These utility bikes might just be a viable option for replacing our cars (at least some of the time)

How you organize your gear is just as important as the gear you take

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening

This year’s class is changing how we see roadies

Dirt whips that take you everywhere the fun is

With countless options and sky’s-the-limit pricing, a mountain bike can be an intimidating purchase. Don’t panic. Start here.

As the gravel-bike market booms and manufacturers seek to make rides more comfortable, rigs with (just a little bit of) rear suspension are making a comeback

As the all-road market booms, bikes are becoming more capable and more niche

A 25 percent tax on bikes, helmets, gloves, and backpacks could hit the industry—and your wallet—hard

In the year of the long-travel 29er, the Ripmo's smooth ride and ability to handle any terrain with ease make it king of the mountain

In America, driver convenience comes first, while just trying to stay alive on a bike is a crime

What the media gets wrong, and why, says a lot about how our society views vulnerable road users

Turns out big wheels and deep suspension play nice together

For this year's Eroica California, Bike Snob NYC bypassed the dream rides and went straight to mail order and Craigslist

If there’s one thing that makes Americans uncomfortable, it’s successful women

Watch to see why the Orbea Gain e-bike came out on top as our testers' favorite roadie for 2019

After two weeks of riding 25 bikes, these are the ones that came out on top

Traveling with large gear can get pricey. Here's how to bring your mountain bike or surfboard along without going broke.

Most of us would groan at the thought of a two-hour one-way commute. Not Chris Schierholtz. Every day he rides 35 miles to and from his office at Mission Workshop, in the heart of San Francisco.

The Mini-7 employs a three-part locking system which allows you to protect the most vulnerable bike components: frame, rear wheel, and front wheel. The U-lock secures the frame and rear wheel, while the front wheel is protected by Kryptonite’s included 130mm WheelBoltz.

These pedals give you the option to clip in with your cleats for longer rides, or flip them over to use the wide platform with your daily shoes on more casual trips—ideal for road cyclists, commuters, and everyone in between.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in

Since 2011, a venomous battle has been waged over the two-wheeled soul of Nederland, Colorado (population 1,500). On the one side: locals who ride the trails every day. On the other: people from down canyon in Boulder (population 107,000) who mostly ride them on weekends.

The peer-to-peer sporting-goods rental service now wants to blend mobile and traditional bike rentals

From innovative new gravel bikes to a 13-speed drivetrain, these are the tools and toys that caught our eye in Monterey this week

A group of Australian cyclists departs Oklahoma to replicate the iconic journey taken by the Joad family in the novel 'The Grapes of Wrath'

How low will some of us go to keep our neighborhoods bike-free? And won’t somebody please think of the children?

Each year we head to a cycling mecca to test dozens of road, mountain, and gravel bikes in search of the best new rides

Don't travel this iconic route without hitting up great camping, hiking, surfing, and more along the way

Sometimes just driving a car in a city is an act of violence

The big-box retailer is trying to cater to cycling enthusiasts with a line of three new carbon rides. Will people buy them?

In a unique twist to online retail, this shop certifies pre-owned bikes and offers a guaranteed buy-back program

A study of the cognitive and psychological effects of outdoor cycling finds equal results for normal bikes and e-bikes

Performance machines to cheat wind, go off-road, or cover lots of ground

Stop lying to yourself: you won't remember that you put your wallet, coffee, and phone on the roof of your car before you drive away.

Why telling people you ride elicits serious bike-splaining—and what you can do about it

It's a question of safety numbers versus safety in numbers

Sure, you can get your bike tuned or buy a spare tube. But at these shops, you can also order an espresso or IPA and find your community.

Tour de France stages. Classic British Columbian downhills. Epic gravel grinds in the American heartland. These bucket-list rides are guaranteed to be the most fun you can have on two wheels.

You can’t escape obsolescence. You can only transcend it.

The Sno-Go is the only way to have fun in the snow on a bike

When a driver hits a cyclist—even a child on a bike—the victim is almost always the one who gets blamed, unless they're wearing a helmet

This bike rack takes your standard wall hook mount and adds a hinge plate, so your bike can swing to the side and give you more room in a tight space. There’s also a bumper for the bottom wheel that keeps the bike from swaying. The beauty of this hook…

Have multiple bikes you need to store? This wall-mounted rack works for bikes with straight top tubes, like most road bikes, some cruisers, and old-school mountain bikes. Sandwich them tail to front and you can fit two bikes on the arms, and there’s a small shelf for your helmet. It…

This rack lets you store your bike standing up and can support a variety of frame and wheel sizes—from skinny 20-millimeter road tires to 29-inch mountain-bike ones. The spring-loaded arm can hold the front or back tire, depending on how you like to store your bike. And you can link…

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective. Park Tool’s hook mounts into either a ceiling beam or a wall stud, allowing you to get your bike off the ground by hanging the front tire through the hook. Buy a couple of them and safely store your whole collection in…

Portland Design Works has a knack for elegant bike solutions, and its wall hook is no exception. The powder-coated steel is built to last and look good for years, while the hook itself is covered in rubber so your rims don’t get scratched. Mount it on the wall and you…

Does your apartment or house have super-tall ceilings? The El Greco ceiling hoist helps you utilize space with a series of pulleys and levers that allows you to raise your bike up and out of the way. Just hook it to the handlebars and seat, and raise any bike that’s…

According to the League of American Bicyclists, more cyclists died on U.S. roads in 2016 than at any other time in the past quarter-century. But that doesn't show the whole picture.

New York City may make headlines for its Vision Zero initiative and its ever-growing bicycle infrastructure network, but the police department's treatment of cyclists can be downright draconian

The secrets to teaching your child to have a positive relationship with cycling in a country that hates bikes

Artcrank is a collection of bike-inspired art created by independent artists. The styles of the posters available are as varied as your imagination. We dig this two-color screen print from artist Amy Jo, who was inspired by a kids’ toy she saw at an art show. Each poster has a…

It’s become conventional wisdom that e-scooters are dangerous. Like most conventional wisdom, it’s probably wrong.

From magnetic skis to e-motorbikes, here's what we're excited about for the coming season

Because there’s no apology like a backhanded apology

At a certain point in life, it’s not ethically possible to cheat

Stress-corrosion cracking associated with the Future Shock system puts riders at risk, says the bike maker, which issued a full recall of certain models last week

Amid concerns over trail conflicts and land-management issues, e-mountain bikes just keep getting better and better

In southwest China, high in the Sichuan province, three peaks stand higher than the rest

I committed to riding only one bike for all of 2018. Here’s how I did.

From tires to apparel, here are the pieces of bike gear we loved most

With a new year and new gear right around the corner, it's time to take a look back at our favorite products from the past 12 months

Is it too much to ask for a little serenity, people?

My father founded the notorious 120-mile Triple Bypass bike ride in Colorado. After a few failed attempts, I set out to finally complete it.

New York City is at the forefront of breaking car dominance in America. But internationally, it’s bringing up the rear.

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