You're a woman who rides a bike? I'm assuming you've been the target of lewd comments, threats, and maybe even outright assault. It has to stop.

In designing a new Stumpjumper for 2018, Specialized faced a challenge: how to keep a 37-year-old model relevant in an ever-improving field

Behind the scenes with the newest women's mountain bike clothing company

An association of automotive and bike industry bigwigs is betting that bicycle-to-vehicle communication will make cycling safer

Waxed canvas is durable and looks stylish. There's a reason the material has been around for nearly 300 years.

A drop in price, but you still drop the pack

Trail steeds get lighter but punch above their weight

The world’s best bike racer is a woman: Vos, a 31-year-old Dutch superstar with more than 300 podium finishes. She’s also an activist, taking on the fight against gender inequality in a sport whose future has to involve knocking down a few doors.

Cyclist Ayesha McGowan is on a mission to become the first African American woman to go pro.

Using publicly available data, advocacy group People for Bikes wants to show community leaders what they can do to improve cycling infrastructure in their cities

With most of the area’s adventure offerings within an hour’s drive from the city, it's easy to fit in some outdoor fun in between your requisite eating and drinking

Americans tend to equate cycling with frivolity, but riding bikes can be serious business

How a couple of heirs to an American retail dynasty are putting Bentonville, Arkansas, on the fat-tire map

And what parents can do to change that

The California resort will be the first major bike park in the U.S. to allow the motorized rigs—meaning the war over two-wheeled access to public lands is about to heat up

Five ways to protect your expensive stuff in transit

Our editors on what they expect to spend on new gear, with the goal of balancing quality and affordability

Our bikes may be better now, but what about the world in which we ride them?

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Riding trails suitable for all skill levels is just the start. This route also highlights some of central Montana’s most vibrant towns and outdoor activities for every interest

It’s not about which laws you break—it’s about how you break them

Based on firsthand experience, the performance payoffs make the investment worthwhile

Will the recent acquisition of the Colorado-based mountain bike company be the death knell for the brand, or will it emerge stronger and more innovative than ever?

Our first impressions of the motorcycle maker's attempt at bikes meant for singletrack

It's hard to know what to make of the sudden rise of electric bikes. But one thing is certain: Racing them is a sign of the apocalypse.

I put Trek's newest gravel bike to the test on a 180-mile bikepacking trip through the Sonoran Desert. Here's how it held up.

What's so special about this limited special-edition P5X tri bike?

With his new company, Cake, the mastermind behind POC is out to prove that "electric" and "bike" are meant to go together

The bike that turned my little rider into a ripper

With so many great options out there, how do you pick the right one? Easy: at a demo event, like the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival.

Drivers need to start owning up to how dangerous they are

Meredith Klein, women's workshop instructor at Brooklyn's famed 718 Cyclery, on her favorite gear

Because your Garmin can’t help you navigate your relationships

Because safety and comfort are key for commuting

We’ve already let go of the idea that cyclists should pretend to be drivers. Maybe it’s time to let go of our fixation on safety gear as well.

I’ve been telling myself for years that I didn’t need new bike tools. How wrong I was.

The creator behind 'Afghan Cycles' and 'Catch It' is bringing new athlete role models to life on the big screen

From better casings and increased sidewall protection to varied compounds for better grip and new sizes, rubber for the road and the trail is improving

Either learn to ride difficult passages of singletrack or simply walk them. But please stop ruining the challenges for everyone with cheater stones and shortcuts.

Schools used to teach auto shop. Maybe it’s time to start teaching bike shop.

Ash Smith is the founder and race director of Trans Provence, an adventure bike race in the French Alps. Itinerology: The Workspace, from filmmaker Sam Needham, follows Smith as he tries to develop a technical, stunning, and rigorous course through France’s alpine landscapes.

Vanmoof Bike Company has a policy: if your bike is lost or stolen, they will either hunt it down for you or replace it for free. How? Each bike from Vanmoof has GPS technology, which allows a dedicated team to track down its location. In Bike Hunters: The One That Got Away, two of the company's bike hunters head to Casablanca to close a year-long case.

Biking to run errands is commonplace in other countries, so enough with the 20 questions.

Every year, the Outside team tests dozens of bikes, looking for the most innovative designs and new technology.

Don't underestimate these worthy steeds

We found that line with the 60 mph HPC Revolution

Racks to headlamps, we tried it all at our annual bike test in Tucson, Arizona

The Aston Martin (One-77!) of Pro Tour race bikes

What’s old is new and sexy again with this steel all-road ride.

A long-travel 29-inch sled that handles like a peppy short-travel trail machine? We’ve heard it before, but Marin has a new, compelling entry.

It’s time to kill the surprisingly prevalent myth that cycling causes sexual dysfunction

From filmmaker Tommy Penick and Industry 9 Componentry with original music from Amy Stolzenbach, Invisible Forces highlight their new bicycle wheel on a morning hill climb.

With new technologies to keep their singletrack in perfect condition through the winter, it's no wonder this wild sport is catching on.

At least that's the result of a new study, which also found that drivers tend to cause crashes and close calls way more often than road bikers

Our bike editor tested a handful of new fit apps to see how they stacked up to the brick-and-mortar specialists. Let's just say some worked better than others.

Our 2018 bike test starts next week in Tucson. Here’s how we review the fleet.

A crew of midwestern riding enthusiasts is pioneering grooming techniques for fat-bike trails that have extended the bike season year-round and added 80 miles of snowy singletrack to the city

Maybe that do-anything, go anywhere machine you’ve always wanted is one you already have

Seventeen products that made this bike season better than any before

After getting hit by a car, our bike-test director comes to terms with distracted driving and a society that devalues cyclists

You don't need to get kitted up before every ride

Honing our kit for backcountry hunting and food harvesting

Is riding with headphones really such a big deal?

Riding bikes may be green, but the manufacturing behind them can be far from it

As frame and component weights continue to fall and suspensions improve, bikes are getting slacker and more capable. But who really needs such big, beefy bikes?

If I could own only one road bike, it would be this Swiss Army knife of a pavement machine

When the clock strikes 5:00 we find out what all their employees are really working for, The Night Ride. 

Getting acquainted with nature's carbon fiber

With all the different rim and tire sizes, it can be hard to know where to start. We tested the new Enve M Series to break it down.

The case for rethinking one of cycling's oldest and most misused components

Sometimes the best performance upgrade is portability

Pedaling toward the truth of the “bikes-vs-cars” debate

The rise of automatic shifting, integrated computers, lights, power meters, and radar has made us wonder: How much is too much?

We put together a full no-compromise setup for under $2,000

Why it will destroy cycling, society, and the planet if we let it

In the Five Points area of Denver, there's a small bike shop called Chocolate Spokes with owner Gregory Crichlow who's been building bikes from the frame up.

Trail bikes aside, no mountain machine adds more versatility to a fleet than a fat bike.

Sometimes preparation is all about what you leave behind

For pickups and vans, there's no better bike carrier

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