The cycling universe tends toward increasing specialization and extreme anal retention

On average, the town of Bergen, Norway, gets 242 days of rain a year—not ideal for the host of one of Europe's biggest cycling races. But when you consider the mountainous coastal roads, the Bergenseres' passion for cycling, and their outspoken, often brash local patriotism, it starts to seem like the perfect location to hop on a bike and ride.

So you had a kid. That doesn't mean you just have to sit at home.

The best and brightest innovations we came across at the annual Interbike trade show

Handcrafted in Italy, the Bike Butler ($4,265) is much more than just a bike hanger. An Elipson IC4 Bluetooth speaker is mounted inside, and there's also a wireless phone charger and four USB ports to charge accessories like bikes lights and a GPS.

Better garage organization means easier gear access, which means more time to play outside

We put together a full, no-comprise setup for under $2,000

This bike is made from whiskey barrels.

A special edition Honda Rebel motorcycle.

If there’s anything better than an epic day outside, it’s reliving it over great food and drink. From mountain decks to beachside watering holes, our favorite après spots have mastered Cajun fries, crustaceans, and craft ales.

Spice up your commute with this flashy bike.

Thanks to trickle-down technology, second- and third-tier groups are almost as good as the premium stuff but cost a fraction of the price

These hotels and lodges roll out the welcome mat for cyclists

A little hands-on experience is a much better performance investment than that tempting new upgrade or those mind-numbing hill repeats

Why you can cut your mileage in half and still come out ahead

An electric version of the wildly popular Honda Super Cub.

As light as a wind vest and as watertight as a drybag, this rain piece redefines "prepared" for cyclists

Your tires are as important as they are boring, which is why you're totally overthinking them

It's more doable than you think. Just don't forget the chamois cream.

Not completely, but they're certainly in a state of flux

Colorado's inaugural Velorama was a colorful combination of bike racing, music, and fan-friendly spectacle aimed at giving road racing in the US a shot in the arm.

Whatever you do, just don't tell these serious, old'ish cyclists that they're living in a retirement home

The most ground-breaking invention ever

We looked at four very differently priced rides—from $500 to nearly $11,000—and unpacked the differences to help you pick the right price range for your needs and type of riding

In Kenya, many young girls travel by foot to and from school every day—sometimes as far as 10 miles.

Tidying guru Marie Kondo lets us in on how to declutter our closets and our lives

Lindsey Richter, founder of Ladies AllRide mountain bike camps, believes bike skills are life skills—and she has a few very specific tips on how to get better at both

It's time to let yourself go

A cargo bike that could replace your car.

We reached out to a few experts to see who they rely on via Twitter for trusted endurance tips

The Renovo Fat-Ash is as fast as it is beautiful

Whether you're a child getting your first bike or a new commuter, you need a place that's going to stoke your excitement and indulge your imagination

Save a tree, ride an e-bike

This bike concept from Budapest has one giant saddle built into the top tube so two people can ride it at once, or a cyclist can pedal solo.

Because why are you even riding if you can't haul your family, your dog, your friend's dog, and groceries for the next year on a bike?

Pivot's new Mach 5.5 isn't built for women—but it fits them. And that's the Holy Grail of women's-specific design.

Trying to get your head around the growing number of models now built for both pavement and dirt? We break it down.

We tried to have a serious conversation with the SNL alum about his new HBO cycling mockumentary, Tour de Pharmacy. It sort of worked.

Clever, goofy, charismatic, and fast, the two-time world champion may never win the Tour de France (he’s not a climber), but he just might be the star who saves bike racing

Rawland, a tiny company in the Pacific Northwest, is building the quirkiest, most entertaining bikes we've seen in a while

Mountain bikes were made for this: 450 miles of empty, achingly scenic backcountry in southern Utah, on little-known trails pieced together in the spirit of Edward Abbey. Our writer saddles up to get lost.

New tracking chips embedded in carbon frames can help riders recover pilfered goods

Let’s get this straight: if something horrible happens to me on a ride, don’t ever say I died doing what I love. I feel no affection about the idea of getting pulverized by a 4,000-pound SUV, especially if the driver was flipping through Instagram. Still, I recognize that something might happen. And rather than leave it up to other people to commemorate my life and death on the bike, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands—with facts based on a terrifying encounter with a speeding Porsche that actually happened—just in case the next run-in turns out differently.

Watch to see what our gear editor, Ben Fox, loves about the Urban 8.0, a design-focused commuter bike from Canyon.

With 170 millimeters of travel, Juliana’s new Strega comes in S and XS sizes—allowing even the littlest women to find big-bike bliss

Cycling is in my blood, and to me it always meant two wheels—until now.

As online brand Canyon prepares for its entry to the U.S. market, direct-to-consumer bikes are poised to change the way you buy bicycles, including how much you pay

Oversize tires are the best thing to happen to trail riding in years

As our writer cheered on his three-year-old at the Strider Cup in Texas—a merciless race replete with tears, anxiety, and elation—he had one question: Is intense competition good for the tiniest of competitors?

The German direct-to-consumer brand's first women-specific rigs target the pains of smaller riders, with a redesigned frame and 650B wheel options. Our writer spent a weekend testing them and came away very impressed.

Both Santa Cruz and Trek just launched big-hooped DH bikes, challenging the notion that 27.5 reigns supreme in the gravity world

Pedal motors give a boost to the two-wheeled commuting masses

Our favorite aero road bike of the year

It’s the golden era of mid-fats—and pretty much every other ride out there

Modern construction to help the spandex set realize high-wattage dreams.

Chamois that'll hold up as long as you do

Here's the kit one of the country's most ambitious FKT chasers uses when he heads out into the backcountry

Bill Nye the Science Guy breaks down the important features of fitting a bike correctly.

Innovation from the bottom up

The Ottolock is a fraction of the weight of a U-Lock but far stronger than a cable lock, making it the perfect solution for quick bike rides around town.

We’ve tested almost every saddle on the market. And this one is clearly at the top.

A new bike rack promises to make schlepping two-wheeled rigs as easy as carrying skis

Look normal? That’s because every component has been made giant, including the 36-inch wheels.

Allied Cycles, based in Little Rock, is trying to ignite American carbon-fiber manufacturing and steal China's thunder

Everything you need to know—plus a few essential gear items

The best part of tax season? Getting a return and splurging on gear.

Buying your first bike can be a daunting task, but renowned scientist Bill Nye is here with Diamondback to provide a formula for success.

Then built it and then rode it around a Los Angeles suburb. Here are our first impressions.

Eleven experts weigh in with their biggest, craziest ideas—all of which are eminently doable

Meet the world's fastest gravel bike

Turns out Polartec rules the market when it comes to bike clothing made for weather that's all over the map

A collection of velo products to commemorate one of cycling's greats.

Just because they have lacrosse practice doesn't mean you have to sacrifice outdoor adventures

When you think San Francisco, you think tech companies. But the city is also chock-full of outdoor brands building high-end gear right next to the bay. From bikes to bags to boards, here are six of our favorites.

An ode to the pieces of gear that have lived on through generations

Donnie Arnoult owns this Hawaiian island's most popular bike shop and touring company. Here's how he maximizes playtime.

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